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You can find my custom merch at https://www.letsfindoutasmr.com if you’re interested in supporting the channel this way. Thank you if you do. Buy my space-themed merch at https://www.letsfindoutasmr.com if you’re interested. I finally left Android. Here’s an unboxing of the iPhone 11 Professional and a sweet kickstand case, a review and criticism, applying a screen film, and a random Christmas book cameo. Like if liked, comment if you loved, and sub if you think it’s time to make it official. Thanks for watching guys.

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33 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro: Unboxing, Review, Accessories | ASMR”

  1. LOL, my work gave me one of these to replace my old iPhone 9 – man I hate it, the iPhone 9 was so much better – face unlock is useless in the dark, which for me is most of the time I'm using the phone, and work forces me to use a 6 digit passkey – the battery life sucks compared to the old one too, and despite that it's still stupidly heavy. If I had the option I'd go back to the 9. Oh well it'll be replaced again shortly I guess. I use a Motorola G9 Pro as my daily, less than half the cost, twice the storage capacity, plus SD-card support, camera is just as good, better in some circumstances – and for me more importantly way, way longer battery life. Replace in 18 months with the new model again for a few hundred bucks, and pass this one on to my kids, no worries about the cost.

  2. 16:14 I wouldn't be concerned about the government having your face, I mean, don't you have a drivers license. And do security cameras exist- I know you're just joking though

  3. Your voice is perfect for ASMR and I love the humor!! Thanks for the unboxing video! I plan on buying one when the iPhone 12 is released and can’t decide on space gray or midnight green so here I am! Great video!

  4. I still have my iPhone 7+ and idk if I should buy this or food…. And if I were to buy it I would get the pro max in rose gold cause I feel like it looks like a bhad bitch.

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