iPhone 11 Pro unboxing + review: is the price premium worth it?

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I’ve had the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max for over a month. Is it worth paying a premium over the regular iPhone 11? Watch our full iPhone 11 Pro Max unboxing and review.

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iPhone 11 unboxing + review: is it worth it?

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27 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro unboxing + review: is the price premium worth it?”

  1. anybody with some self respect is paying the extra couple hundred dollars for that oled. the stainless steel and telephoto are a nice bonus though.

  2. I just got the green Pro Max 512gb (my 1st iPhone). After having Samsung's for years, I never knew what I've been missing. I didn't know that a phone could be so much fun to use.

  3. All this bickering over Samsung and iPhone is getting hella old. Samsung fanboys make fun of the price and, “old features” on apple. While apple makes fun of Samsung’s, “poor status”, or , “exploding battery”. You guys should appreciate software rather than looks and price. Both Samsung and OS softwares are totally different and opposite. Both serve two different usages and features, some features better than another. Stop bashing on a brand that you don’t even consider yourself buying, what do y’all get out of it? Does it thrill you? Does it make you feel better? These two companies have literally two different systems. Literally, you guys are comparing apples and oranges, both different but good. You guys have to chill out because by the end of the day these phones aren’t the same and have their own different capabilities and uses.

  4. Is this a review or what is it? After 5 minutes I have just seen (fast forwarded past) advertisements and an idiot saying that if size is important, then go with the 11 pro max!!
    What a knowledge this reviser has…

  5. Hey guys I have a question, I have the samsung galaxy s6 right now should I get the iPhone 11 pro , I have a macbook pro 2016 so I feel like it works so well with ios than android.

  6. The OLED display you boosting about is not Apple's own patented display. They couldn't create one so they bought it from SAMSUNG. SAMSUNG has been selling and perfecting QUAD HD AMOLED Displays since 2016. Hahahah Apple is so late in so many technologies like wireless charging fast charging modems and still DUMB people blindly throw away their money on these obsolete apple products

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