iPhone 11 Pro vs 12 Camera test! Is the iPhone 12 better?

iPhone 11 Pro vs 12 Camera test! Is the iPhone 12 better?
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I’ve been using the iPhone 12 as my daily driver for almost 6 months now, and one of my favourite features has been the camera. However recently, I’ve been testing the iPhone 11 Pro for review, so I thought a fun wait to finish this process would be to compare the camera of Apple’s flagship phone of last year, to the current iPhone 12!

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Music from Epidemic Sound
Watch in 4K

My equipment:
Camera: Canon EOS R with Atomos Ninja Inferno
Lenses: Sigma 18-35, Helios 44-M, Canon 17-40L
Microphone: Shure SM7B, Rode VideoMic
Computer: 2017 27 – inch 5K iMac
Editing software: Final Cut Pro X/Premiere Pro CC
Music/Audio software: Logic Pro X

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35 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro vs 12 Camera test! Is the iPhone 12 better?”

  1. the reason why the telephoto night mode on the 11 Pro is so good because it uses the main sensor… it's NOT using the telephoto. Which in fact means that the night mode at 2x is identical on the 11 Pro and the 12 since both are just using digital zoom.

  2. I need to upgrade my iphone 8+ and I don't know if with iphone 11 pro or iphone 12. The battery and the camera are important to me, I have no problems with the size. Can someone give me some advice on the choice? (sorry for my bad English)

  3. Did you feel size difference or battery? 12 and 11 pro,is it worth sell the 11 pro and 12 for only size? I know there isnt really 0.3 “ difference

  4. Sorry to say but this video could've been 6 mins or so if you get to the point for which people are watching this video the actual outputs of the camera not just you roaming around.

  5. Cheers for covering the two phones in so much depth!
    Was actually quite surprised by your findings.
    Has made me consider an 11 Pro especially as you can pick them up for a bargain at the moment.

  6. I've been using my 5.8 inch IPhone 11 Pro since October 2019 it's an excellent phone still going strong with 98% Battery capacity left. I hope it'd be a worthwhile waiting for the new 2021 iPhones.

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