iPhone 11 Pro Vs iPhone XR! (Comparison) (Review)

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The iPhone 11 Pro just got released, so let’s see how it compares to the iPhone XR!

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46 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro Vs iPhone XR! (Comparison) (Review)”

  1. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned watching your videos even phones that I don’t own I still learn something from it. I have an iPhone 11 promax and I have learned so much about it as well as previous phones that I have owned such as a 6S plus. As new phones come out in the future I will be much more prepared to experiment with the features thanks to you educating me. You have a fan in Columbus Ohio!

  2. Definitely I thumbs down for me in ur video. Bro how u going to say that the 11 Pro is a 6.1 inch display? U don’t even know ur facts smh. The regular Pro is a 5.8 & the Pro Max 6.5

  3. Ur crazy as hell if u rather have the Xr then the 11 Pro Max. The battery is way much better on the 11 Pro Max & that alone is the reason to choose. The 12 battery is even smaller also than the 11 too smh

  4. “3 years later” so the iPhone 14 pro launched Instagram .188 milliseconds faster than the XRS pro which came in at .211 milliseconds. That new chipset in the 14 pro is doing some work…. that’s how I see speed tests in the future

  5. I upgraded a few weeks ago from a 6s to the XR but I have to say although I do love every other aspect of the XR I think I’d like to have an improved camera system like on the 11 pro. I also think the 11 pro is maybe the perfect size as it’s just a little smaller and lighter, but not so much that you lose visual, plus it has that nice crisp OLED display. I will wait till the 12 comes out though so I can compare a bit

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