iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case — 24hr Review

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The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max Smart Battery Cases are here! Obviously, they change up the camera bump cutout, but they also add a new, dedicated, hardware camera button to launch the camera app and take photos and QuickVideo.

So, how does it work? Here’s an overview of the technology and a look at whats new!

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28 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case — 24hr Review”

  1. Fortunately for me providing the battery health is in good shape my phones usually do very well without a battery case.
    Except the SE2020.
    Even though I do little with my phone through the day the tiny wafer that Apple calls a battery in that phone just doesn’t get me through a day. So I ordered a battery case. But not a Apple case.
    Hopefully it will be good enough to supply da juice.
    I’m also wondering about the charging on it. It says wireless charge capable but some reviews say that the wireless only charges the phone and not the case. Which makes no sense to me. Why even have it on a battery case if it doesn’t also charge the case.

  2. Hello, I just got the 12 pro max smart battery case , the case and MagSafe give you almost same battery 🔋 time why’s everyone complaining?

  3. I got the smart case for my iPhone 11 and I can't control the charging? My iPhone is getting charged when it has 100% that's bad I want to be able to controll when it charges

  4. Well I use a mophie battery case. There is nothing wrong with haveing a button to press to turn it on when you want vs not being able to turn the case off and not getting your phone hot and fuck up both of the batterys

  5. 😶Will phone battery case come with cooling fan that blows air between the phone back and the case since it heats up fast? Since most phones are made from glass or some type of metal….

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