iPhone 11 Unboxing Red Edition – ASMR

Today I will be unboxing the Product Red edition of the iPhone 11! I hope you enjoy!

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40 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Unboxing Red Edition – ASMR”

  1. Honestly speaking I'm with my parents but are in hardship time in terms of financial problems… Can anyone help me afford or but me 1 of the iPhone, for me to get information on my education, I would be glad if I get one…. Thank you

  2. In my country dolar is 13₺ or something and iPhone 11 was 8500₺ in my country few days ago but now it’s 11500₺!! I’m glad that I bought it when it was 8500₺.

  3. Me watching this with an iphone 11 a year and a half later: bruh theyre acting like its heavy, also me: lifting it slowly when unboxing

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