iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro – Real Differences after 1 month!

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are very similar phones, so what exactly is different? What differences will you notice on a day-to-day basis?
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The iPhone 11 is priced at only $699 while the 11 Pro starts at $999. Here are all of the differences that we noticed after 1 month!

Most of the differences have to do with the physical design of the phones, especially what’s on the back.

While you might think the front of both phones seem very similar, there are actually some pretty major differences.

As for hardware, they’re mostly the same, except for a small difference in cameras.

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38 thoughts on “iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro – Real Differences after 1 month!”

  1. Nice video, is iPhone 11 still worth it? Even two years later!!?? Because I’d like a phone for Christmas and I’m not bothered about all the brand new fancy tech and all that jazz, all I want is a larger phone, with better battery, good camera and big enough to watch YOUTUBEEE on the go… so is this still a good phone? 🙂

  2. I have the iPhone 11 got it 4 months ago it’s the iPhone 11 128Gb of storage in the black color and I love it the battery life is good now it does have a lcd display but idc before 4 months ago I didn’t t even know what OLED or LCD was my mom had the 11 pro max and the display quality is very very good but the iPhone 11 has good quality to I give my iPhone 11 10/10 also most people don’t really know what LCD and OLED is and they don’t really care

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