iPhone 11 VS iPhone XR – Camera Comparison!

The ultimate camera comparison between the new iPhone 11 and the highly popular iPhone XR! I’ve included, daytime and night time videos, daytime and night time pictures, portrait mode samples and much more!

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iPhone 11 VS Samsung S10 VS Huawei P30 Pro comparison: https://youtu.be/FmAx0khHIJA

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24 thoughts on “iPhone 11 VS iPhone XR – Camera Comparison!”

  1. The church is so beautiful though! 👌🏻👌🏻
    Still being a year old than 11, XR actually did a fantastic job during daytime, it's barely noticeable.

  2. I used xs, then downgraded to xr. I font use the secondary lens as much, id rather have a better battery life. If i went with 11, i doubt id be using the wide angle lens too.

  3. iphone xr has more natural and real photos, iphone 11, little fake. lots of software features acting in the process, brings more imperfection to the skin, the exposure is not correct in 11 by default. exposure is 100% correct in iphone xr. i am a photographer and i´d say: iphone 11 is a new fake evolution with bad software process in images. the latest natural photos (and googd photos) in iphone was X verions. After that, is fake. apple killing the iphones

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