iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR – Choose the RIGHT One!

iPhone 11 is an amazing phone for the price but the iPhone XR is a better deal for most people. Watch for the full review!

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31 thoughts on “iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR – Choose the RIGHT One!”

  1. Idk I’m very indecisive, I do take a lot of photos at night and I cant use the flash that much so maybe the 11 but I’m cheap asf

  2. Man the camera is just the same in day time pictures. I mean I cant see any difference. Night Mode and wide angle. Thats all you get if you choose the iphone 11 over the XR. In real life the battery is about the same, same size, same speakers, same display. Dont look at the specs they are almost identical.

  3. If you have an extra $100 definitely get the 11, but if you don't want to spend the extra $100, or you already have an iPhone X / XR / XS you should wait a bit longer until Apple releases the iPhone 12 or something worth getting.

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