iPhone 11 Vs iPhone XR In 2021! (Comparison) (Review)

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The iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR are older iPhones now, so how do they hold up in 2021? Let’s find out!

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44 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Vs iPhone XR In 2021! (Comparison) (Review)”

  1. These videos piss me off tho for example there is pretty much no difference between XR and the 11 cameras is pretty much it and ur phone being a tad slower than the other doesn’t matter at all and these videos r also inaccurate because the pop ups

  2. I got the iPhone 11 9 months ago I love it so much I think the iPhone 11 is the better buy if you love photography like me it has a way better camera setup then the xr not to say the xr has a bad camera it’s just simply not as good but as far as everything else both of this iPhones are pretty much the same the iPhone 11 may be a little faster but not by much thinks to iOS and the iPhone XR does have a good chip still I like the color choices of the xr better I wish the iPhone 11 had that baby blue color I definitely would have gone wit that

  3. I buy cheaper iphones because something always happens to them after 2 years.. either stolen or broken etc.. Pointless to spend a lot when you know that what usually happens.. I picked up an XR for 200 less than an 11..

  4. I wanted the iphone 11 but my parents doesnt let me buy the iphone 11but They let me buy the xr the reasons are:
    1.They said im way too young to get an iphone 11.
    2.My dad have it already but the teal colour.

  5. I have my XR in coral that is turning 3 years with 86% battery health. No reason of upgrading yet but the iPhone 11 in purple makes me want to upgrade 😅

  6. What is this "which is gonna last longer" bullshit. The only question should be, does the phone work? Yes? Then it will last as long as you can switch it on an it shows a home screen.

  7. Switched to the XR this past year after being an android user. Good phone but can anybody help me figure out why whenever I'm on chrome or safari and I rotate the phone to landscape and then back to portrait mode the window kind of shrinks? It's been doing that to me for months and it's so fucking annoying 😒

  8. What if one day you came to know that these all iPhones have the same processor and apple has slowed down the older iPhones so that people feel they need to upgrade to the new iPhone !!!!

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