iPhone 11 vs. iPhone XR

Purchase iPhone 11 at Apple: https://bit.ly/2MYd7UH
Purchase iPhone XR at Apple: https://bit.ly/2K6llZI
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The new iPhone 11 costs $100 more than the iPhone XR and, from the outside at least, it looks very similar. So do you need to spend more on this year’s iPhone 11? I compare these two phones and find out what the differences between them really are: everything from the extra ultrawide-angle camera to slofies to battery life.

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27 thoughts on “iPhone 11 vs. iPhone XR”

  1. the difference it's mainly on camera, iphone 11 can take stunning night photos and has the extra telephoto lens..
    plus has extra gigabyte of RAM that will come handy in heavy ram hungry apps or in multitasking

  2. Lexy, My wife and I have been using a pair of iPhone 6 Plus 64GB phones. They have been real workhorses for us and we love them. However, mine recently died. I am a big fan of iFixit and do all my own work. Both batteries, random buttons, a screen/glass replacement, etc., and these phones looked and worked like new for years. But my motherboard had something melt and it is now ruined. I have searched for a replacement to no avail. THEN — my wife's 6 Plus stopped charging unless you tightly hold the cord in the charging port at this weird angle… forever, seemingly. Then her glass snapped in half.

    We gave up.

    Today I received my new 128GB Xr and I love it. It might be yesterday's news to most but it is a dramatic improvement in my online life. Then this evening my wife ordered the 11 (64GB), and she should receive it in two days.

    Comparing them side-by-side will be a lot of fun, I think. Your excellent review/comparison helped her to decide to get the 11, and I am very pleased with my Xr.

    I know your review is now more than a year and a half old, but we both are very glad to have come across it.


  3. Watched so many videos about 11 vs XR, but this one is to the points and after watching couple of videos this video literally helped me in making my decision. Great job lady 👍

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