iPhone 11 vs iPhone XS in 2020 Full review

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In this video we’ll compare iPhone 11 with iPhone xs in 2020.

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45 thoughts on “iPhone 11 vs iPhone XS in 2020 Full review”

  1. Nabeel iphone x and xs is not easily available in Flipkart or amazon and if i get that then it come along with other things too which is of no use for me so can't i get only the mobile and cable and not the other things with it from some other trusted companies like flipkart,etc.

  2. I am not here to convince you guys to not buy the iPhone XS, I have it and I bought it instead of an iPhone 11 but that’s now what I was supposed to do, because I am suffering from screen burn in’s on my XS and short battery life made me regret buying it and I am looking forward to upgrade and buy an iPhone 11.
    Note that iPhone 11 is way batter for gamers.
    For 100 more dollars iPhone 11 gives you a better experience.
    Note that you will find it very hard to buy an all new iPhone XS since Apple is no longer producing them anymore.
    Don’t go for the looks go for the performance.

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