iPhone 11 Vs Samsung Galaxy A50! (Comparison) (Review)

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The iPhone 11 came out a few months ago, so how does it compare to the Samsung Galaxy a50? Let’s find out!

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49 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Vs Samsung Galaxy A50! (Comparison) (Review)”

  1. I have A50 and it is slower now in 2022 than in 2020 when I bought it. Not really slow, but it gets glitches from newer updates likes freezing for 3-4 seconds for no reason. Battery is good (using the phone two years and some months) because I have enabled battery saver all the time and it can go up to 6-7 hours of screen time, sometimes 9-10 if I am not using it too much or not at all. Overall, great phone, but iPhone 11 will have, as it was said, few more updates of IOS and that is the main reason why Apple product last longer.

  2. i loved my a50 when i got it, it will be 2 years old on october 31st and i am already looking for a new phone, ill say i still love the size of the phone the screen is big and very nice i have been happy with it, the battery life is like nothing i have ever seen, i am on this thing constantly all day and i plug it in at night with usually 20 percent or more left, every day, I killed my iphone every day, every single night i put my iphone on the charger its because it had turned its self off due to 0 percent battery life. the camera is alright for the price, it takes great outdoor photos but it struggles inside.

    the bad- it has slowed down dramatically since i got it, and no i don't have a lot of apps or anything and i have a 256gb memory card i store all my photos and music on, it was snappy when i got it but is painfully slow now in terms of opening apps or loading up a video. and it is doing this thing now where it won't recognize my photos taken with a camera, like right now i have 1200 pics taken with a camera but when i open my gallery it says 0, but all my screen shots, and downloaded pics are there, just not the camera ones….. but then sometimes they are there, every once in a while ill pick it up and there they all are but then if i close out of the gallery and open it again they are all gone again until the next time it randomly works. i can still access the photos if i plug the phone into a computer but the first time it happened i was away on business and i didn't have my laptop with me to check that out so i thought the pics were gone forever but these are my only 2 complaints about the phone, it has been great otherwise and once i upgrade i will probably factory reset this a50 and keep it in the bathroom for a shit computer.

  3. I've got an A50 and haven't had a single issue with it as far as glitches. I bought the phone in April 2019 & still have it in May 2021. Just no need to upgrade for me. It does what I need it to so when my task list increases then I'll go get a Google Pixel 20 Ultra Pro S+ in 2035 lol

  4. I like apple, but a50 is pretty good for its price
    The battery life is good, screen is good
    It just they keep asking to download these unnecessary apps that we dont need when playing games
    Also there are many app that we just couldnt delete
    But for mid tier phone, its actually really good

  5. I love iphone my whole i started using ipad then macbook then iphone till iphon6 but when samsung edge comes i switched to samsung… i still do love iphone and apple products typing from my macbook pro but you get so much more with less prize the only thing iphone is better is security

  6. Can you stop being so bias. I bought my Samsung galaxy a50 last year and it's 2020 now and the battery is so amazing. Camera is amazing and I think that it will last a long time comparing to iPhone Lol!

  7. Never buy samsung midrange phone .all their exynos processor phones ar total garbage. You will start having problems just after one year. And ofcourse forget about intense gaming with their midrange offering , they are no better than a cheap xioami in term of heating and thermal throttling.

  8. Ur like an apple ,IOS fanboy
    the a50 won in the battery drain test
    and u don't even know that u should click accept in the pop-up
    that's a Comparsion between a 350$ phone and a phone prices more than 699$ and u didn't even say that the a50's perfomance is close to the iphone 11 and it's 1/3 of its price and ur saying that it won't win and laughing
    absolutely it won't bacause it's cheaper and the iphone 11 is still overpriced for nothing

  9. After using my a50 for a month the phone started lagging and battery draining fast but I switched to a iphone11 and I like the iPhone much better

  10. I have an a50 and let me tell you it's BULLSHIT i don't even have it for a year and it's so glitchy it turns it's self off it does what it wants to do deletes and installs random apps the phone has never been rooted and the phone never had any apps installed except from the playstore

  11. Sorry bro. But this review is totally biased. You should've setup your Galaxy A50 earlier because every game or app you load it's asking for permission which android apps & games asks when it's being setup for the first time.
    Sure the iPhone 11 is a faster device but the difference wouldn't have been this much if you've had setup your device earlier.

  12. Its crazy how the a50 is $300 less then the iphone11 and 11pro. And still have a better display..well its amoled

  13. Before you act like a reviewer (you are terrible at it),how bout you setup your review units properly BEFORE the review.otherwise you expose yourself for the apple biased chop you realy are….

  14. I have the a50 and it is good I highly recommend if you can't afford apples products.. I think A50 could last one year and then will start to be slower as I experienced but still useabl .. I'm looking to buy Ipohne 11 for the cameras and because Iphones Always last more than 3 years as you can see some people still use iPhone 6s 7 8. but I'm still mad about why the battery of A50 is better than the 11

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