iPhone 11 vs XR | Side-by-side comparison

Comparing Apple’s iPhone 11 to last year’s iPhone XR for speed, battery life, camera tech, software, specs and other features. What’s new in the iPhone 11 and is it worth the extra £100 versus last year’s XR?

The main differences are concentrated in the camera hardware and software, and the performance of these smartphones. In the new 2019 model you’ll find a dual lens rear shooter, complete with a new Ultra-Wide Angle 12MP snapper – plus Apple’s new night mode for low light photography. The iPhone 11 also upgrades the selfie cam versus the XR, with 4K home movie abilities on offer.

Likewise, the latest iPhone now has Apple’s A13 chipset and 4GB RAM for speedier everyday performance. That said, despite the gap in AnTuTu benchmarking scores, last year’s mobile is still more than fine for PubG and other games.

The battery tech has been slightly improved this year, with a higher capacity cell and 18W charging vs 15W. However, that only makes for a slight increase in battery life.

Check out my full Apple iPhone 11 camera review and comparison vs the iPhone XR to see how they compare for photo and video skills! (video coming on Oct 4).

37 thoughts on “iPhone 11 vs XR | Side-by-side comparison”

  1. I was thinking of giving my mother my XR. I love the performance of the XR but I’d like the better cameras of the 11 but there’s a new iPhone coming in just a few months! What shall I do?

  2. Great video. I'm currently using Oneplus 6 and I wanna switch to iphone 11 but i'm really confused whether to get it or not just because of that 828p LCD screen, as i'm used to this 1080p amoled. Will it be a huge difference in terms of overall experience? Someone help.

  3. Great vid man I'm thinking of starting a youtube tech channel how do you get apple or one plus to send you free phones to unbox and review

  4. Meanwhile for a hundred quid or bucks less you can get a 1080p 90hz oled on the oneplus with fast charging in the box, a less intrusive notch, an extra telephoto lens, software that doesn't make you cringe, in display fingerprint sensor, 128 gigs of storage not a measly 64 gigs and a case in the box. All for a 100 bucks less. Tell me, which is the worth it one?

  5. Speaking aside, I really like iOS 13’s extra features. It’s like Apple wanted to treat its users like real people instead of bumbling idiots.

  6. Although very slight improvement over it's predecessor, don't see any real reason to upgrade. I'm pretty happy with XR.

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