iPhone 12 5G: What 5G can (and can’t) do in 2020

Apple’s iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max will have 5G capabilities. But in 2020 do you need an iPhone 12 5G?

Having a smartphone that is future-proof makes sense, but is it worth upgrading to the iPhone 12 5G? This video explains the advantages of 5G and how the new iPhone 12 can utilize them.

iPhone 12 is available here: https://apple.sjv.io/9WJDLj




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23 thoughts on “iPhone 12 5G: What 5G can (and can’t) do in 2020”

  1. U.S. banned Huawei who got the most advanced 5G technology at the moment. Now U.S. has to wait at least a few years before they can catch up on that tech, hence the slow coverage of 5G in the country.

  2. Why. Bandwidth is already fast enough for most anything you can even do on a phone. I have a cool idea I’ll just sell dumbasses on 5G instead of just making a bulletproof coverage of 4g. So glad you chose to go with something no one really wanted instead of something everyone would’ve needed and benefited from.

  3. iPhone 12 models with 5G mmWave are US only, new side cutout works as antenna
    its works in other regions
    or only works in usa
    if i buy it from usa and take it with me to other countries

  4. I completely turned off my Wi-Fi and only using 5G. I live about 35 minutes outside Miami on the ocean. I get great reception and I get great speed with 5G without Wi-Fi on. I welcome any comments on what I just said. Thanks again, great video, Peter from Miami.

  5. The key here is the word, "theoretical" although it shouldnt even exist anymore when it comes to consumer products, we need the LEGIT ACTUAL data, not what its capable of, but rather what it can and will do in normal environments. In fact, carriers should go block to block intersection to intersection and say, "Ok this is what type of service you will get" I dont care that coverage shows full bars, I care if its able to connect and if the speed is consistent, and thats the real data we need, not theoretic data. Also, 5G in San Francisco is terrible on TMo. I regret buying an N20 Ultra 5G because of this. OH it worked fine in downtown, ON LTE, At the TMo store, but outside that one location, it drops drastically. I was due for an upgrade but figuring out that TMo didnt deploy any midband spectrum here outside of splitting B66 with LTE and 5G (not DSS, but literally splitting the spectrum in half so its less for each network) that the whole idea of having nationwide 5G is just a hype ploy and is as underdelivered as LTE was with its gigabit LAA LTEU bullshit. That never happened and TMo wiped the slate clean and tried to cover up the promises of that, and now we move on to a new promise of 5G thats repeating itself, wow, you have lowband coverage that shows bars on a screen and does nothing more. Same issues.

  6. 5g = more devices per cell for the carrier… they want you on it because it's cheaper for them to maintain… my 4g service tanked when tmobile turned on their 5g service. Thanks tmobile.

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