iPhone 12: A Photographer's Review

Testing the camera features of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro
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50 thoughts on “iPhone 12: A Photographer's Review”

  1. I personally think it’s the worst camera I’ve ever seen on the iPhone, I personally like my iPhone 8 camera way better, to me it just looks like a filter all the time it’s horrible

  2. Yo! thanks for having the X there. that's my main device it's great that it can still shoot decent photos just for posting on insta with some editing on lightroom. still can't buy the 11 or 11 pro cause its still expensive here in my country around 600-750$

  3. Hello sir , plz reply …After clicking picture and just opened it , the picture takes preparing 1 .2. sec and then the photo will open …Is it problem or all iphone 12 are facing same issue…Plz help

  4. I've been debating whether or not to buy a DSLR or an iPhone 11 or 12. I've wanted a DSLR for years… but I'm learning my old iPhone 6s and Lightroom take the same level of pictures as a DSLR. And it's always in my pocket. I don't see the point of investing in a digital camera and lenses when a phone takes the same pictures and costs a third less.

  5. Most professional photographers use iPhone? No they use professional cameras. What a goofy video. This represents what's wrong with the internet. Whatever good is able to claim they know something.

  6. Very educational! I'm looking at this with iPhone 13 just coming out. I used to be an iPhone user; I switched to a Samsung S9 a few years ago. Now I'm ready to upgrade; the only reason being to get a better camera. Your video helps me to understand what the various lens dimensions and other phone camera features do. All the better because you are based in Calgary (from someone who used to live there).

  7. ****$%%%$ I bought an iphone 12 3 weeks ago, fell to floor from my hand and Back glass is brocken (normal accidental & casual fall). now I have to replace all the phone & have to pay 70% of the price to fix it. Frig you apple & frig yourself πŸ™

  8. Most likely you cant play the videos dolby visions on a pc. I like to se recorded videos on my computer or tv. This cant be done. Unless you convert to an other format with quality loss

  9. Does the regular iPhone 12 have the ultra wide thing you can do with your camera? Because I am choosing between IPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro and if the regular 12 can’t do that with the camera I will take the pro but If it can then it doesn’t really matter:)

  10. Thank you for a great review. I have iPhone X and really can see the difference between, although it's possible to sharpen images, it's not that same effect, but for Facebook, Insta, it's doing great (main usage). I Would like to see better video performance and i believe iPhone 12 is a big jump here.. (waitin for 13) Question.. i'm not the professional photographer, still like to take photos and edit them.. but about this telephoto.. i believe it's better to go closer to the subject if possible instead of just doing some zoom in zoom out thing? Better for capture like birds or something? The video is shot on iPhone 12 Pro?

  11. I've just taken a close-up portrait shot of a canon lens at F1.4 and F16 and there is virtually no difference in the bokeh of images either. It's yet more overpriced, overhyped Apple gear. It's shocking how they treat their customers too at times. Not the individuals but the company itself.

  12. Any Smartphone camera will look good with a Profoto lens set up. And guess what he did the tests with the Iphone12+. Plus he's promoting his own MagSafe tripod. This whole video is just a sales pitch. There is no longer a RAW file option. The file size is way too small for proper images. Tyler I don't know any Pro photographer that uses an IPhone camera. The IPhone 12 camera sucks in quality. The wide-angle lens is great but I cannot wait to get back to Samsung.

  13. Iphones dont define the industry, every single year an android comes on top in terms of camera quality, every time. Currently Iphone 12 max is at the 8th spot and guess what comes before it 7 times? An android. All according to DXOmark, which does the best testing of anybody. So dont start your vids with spewing garbage please

  14. Very detailed and concise. Thanks for making such great contents. I'm confused between iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21 Ultra. I'm a photo taking kind of person and take lots of photos. I used both Note20 and iPhone 11 pro Max. I liked the photos from the Note20 more.
    Now I have both of the 12 and 21Ultra on insane deal from my service provider and I want to pick one asap. Your thought would definitely be appreciated..

  15. In the end of the video you mention to wait for your 12 pro max review. I cannot find it in your channel. Did you change your mind?

  16. Great Review, I wanted to check if you can throw some light on the Green dots that appear in the pictures and videos shot on Iphone 12. can it be fixed by Apple or should we replace the Camera?

  17. Reason I got the iPhone 12 instead of the 12 Pro was the lack of the additional lens. I use APSC camera's so for me it makes no sense to use a smartphone for pictures. I 100% prefer a camera with a pancake lens to carry around. If you just want to take pictures for instagram of facebook, a phone will do since everything looks like puke anyway after heavy compression. But there is something about the dials on a Fuji which just can't be beaten by any phone or most camera's. Additionaly, it is eaven cheaper (if you dont count the glass) then any iPhone. Want the best camera? Buy one and get a cheaper phone. Win win!

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