iPhone 12 – An Android User's Perspective!

I LOVE using Android, but I decided to use the iPhone 12 for a few weeks to see whether or not I’d be tempted to make the switch permanently!

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Time stamps:
00:00 – Introduction
01:20 – Design
02:24 – Display
03:32 – Battery
03:54 – MagSafe
05:02 – Cameras
06:40 – Performance
07:41 – Software
08:58 – Final Thoughts

50 thoughts on “iPhone 12 – An Android User's Perspective!”

  1. I'm not worried about the customisation, but the access of offline videos.
    I watch lot of animes downloaded on pc and it's easy on Android to copy all files with folders and watch on MX player or VLC.

  2. The only reason Apple introduced MagSafe was to create a new accessory revenue stream. Same reason they keep the Lightning port around, it keeps them in the driver's seat for accessories. USB C and Qi are both open standards which Apple doesn't like. They want total control!

  3. Having just tried the 13 Pro as a former Apple user, I was quickly reminded of how non-user friendly it all is. It feels like copium when people shout about it's usability, when in reality, Android has tons of straightforward QoL that Apple straight up denies you the use of. There were so many little things you did to achieve something that took less steps or easier to reach steps to achieve on Android. For starters, why the hell is the Settings app not addable to the Settings swipe-down???

  4. We all know why Apple made magsafe. They will get rid of the charging port soon, probably in iphone 14 (they introduce something big in their designs every 2 years). Apple would rather remove the port altogether than put usb c.

  5. I'm a 10 year Android user. Had an iPhone 6S for a few months but other than that it's been mainly Samsung's. After having issues with my S20 I decided to switch to iPhone and I honestly never see myself switching back to Android. As much as I hated iOS before I actually really like it now. It helps that my wife has been using iPhones for a few years too so sharing files with her now is a breeze. I think when it comes down to it the iPhone is just more reliable and for the most part everything just works really well…other than Spotify. That app is junk and is horrendous on Carplay.

  6. I recently switched to iPhone from a Samsung phone, being a longterm android user.
    I don't regret it, I honestly feel like my experience with the phone is smoother, faster and higher quality overall.
    The apps can be better optimized than its android counterpart since there's only apple that builds iPhones,
    iMessage, mute button, cameras, Safari, the look of it, how it feels in hands and I love apple apps ui and I think IOS improved a lot throughout the years.
    I think they made a great job with security and privacy.
    I do actually like Magsafe for a few reason.
    the wallet and portable battery that instantly connect to the back of your phone.
    As a charger, i don't really see the point of it though.

  7. a week ago I changed to iPhone 12 from lifelong Android usage… WELLL it's a beautiful phone, amazing features but there's a few tiny things that just made me lose my mind haha custom notifications for apps like Signal or Whatsapp.. impossible

  8. The issue I've always had, I started with iPhone up to the 2nd gen then switched to Android ever since but I've always loved the build and the build quality of iPhones I just think Android is am easier more customisable operating system but that's just my own opinion I don't dislike Apple products at all I guess it's just comfort at this point.

  9. Better use wireless power Bank rather than the magsafe which is still wired. And plus a fingerprint ID would really be useful and much convenient but that's just me n my 2 cents.

  10. 8:54 "it's not enough to convert an Android user" sorry but I'm sold and converting .The only thing that was keeping me from switching was modded apps being able to listen to modded music apps and now Verizon gives me free music service so I don't have to worry about using a moded apps . I'm also so tired of having to set a launcher on my Android that I just want some simple and clean looking and iOS wins at that soon you'll have 120 hertz display screen and then it will be perfect for gaming ……here I come IOS

  11. Hey man I get a problem with your videos that I never had in YouTube before. Everytime your video is in 1080p settings it goes fuzzy, a bunch of colourful horizontal lines. The audio works fine though. Only when I switch to 720 that I can actually see the image. I have always used 1080 on my pc and never got this problem, which leads me to think something is wrong at your end. Im not computer man, but just a heads up in case you can solve that. Cheers.

  12. That is the first entry level iPhone with 1080p lmao people always talk about gimmicks with Android. Look at that MagSafe!

    BEWARE of the Apple MagSafe wallet

  13. I’ve been and Android user since they first started selling them. I’ve got an iPhone 12 only to find my mother if she gets lost because she has dementia. I did it only for this reason. The iPhone 12 is ok. Apple Maps and Siri is seriously way behind. My previous S9 rocked. I so wanted the S21.

  14. I don't miss anything about Android. Every Android phone I've had glitched out on me, pocket dialed 911 (USA's Police phone number) multiple times a day, Android kept freezing on me, apps were always slow to load, battery life sucked on all my Androids, and even with updates it wasn't even close to fixing anything. I had an old iPhone 4s in 2015 and it was smooth with the 2015 iOS update. No problems, no lag, everything was perfect. Now I have an iPhone XR and it's STILL running perfectly. In short, Androids have always hated me and I've always hated using Android. So it's a hate hate relationship with me and Android. My mom who's been an Android lover for years now hates android and is looking to switch to iPhone sometime next year. Everyone is different. Some people love iPhones, some people love Androids, some people love both. I have never ever had any problems with iPhones and iOS. Even my parents saw the difference when I was getting pissed off at my Android phone, to being calm and amazed when using my iPhone. Easier to use, no problems for me, better, smoother and faster than Androids in my opinion. Again, some people love iPhones, some people love Androids, and some people love both. The only time when I switched back to Androids was when my iPhone 4s battery died. I had a few Android phones after that, and when I got my iPhone XR, I never went back to Androids again and I never will.

  15. I have been using Android (mainly Samsung) since the Galaxy Epic. I am pretty sick of the bloatware that you can't delete (without rooting), the skins, and the general bugginess of Android. I am STRONGLY considering moving to IOS, even though I have been an avowed Apple hater for DECADES. I want a better camera than my current phone (LG Stylo 4), a phone that is snappy and responsive, apps that don't misbehave or suck down battery life, and reliability.

    I don't use much on my phone…voice calls, video calls, navigation, the occasional retail or fast food app…nothing terribly demanding. I don't bother with games on my phone. So, anything from a Pixel 4a on up would work for me (and I might just get one of those to hold me over for another year or two), but Apple is really tempting me these days.

  16. Nice review. The reason I switched was simply guaranteed, timely iOS upgrades for years to come. I got so tired of waiting for Android updates only to find out it would be 6 mos to a year, and then sometimes cancelled altogether. Apple simple supports their phones better.

  17. your unpopular opinion about the magsafe charger is 100 percent correct ! it is a vague wired charger replacement not a true wireless charger cuz it's kind of stuck on the phone

  18. I constantly see a lot of people worrying about the gloss back of the 12 being a fingerprint magnet compared to the pro's matte back. But, the pros come with stainless steel borders, which are fingerprint magnets compared to the aluminum of the regular 12. So really, either phone is going to be a fingerprint magnet, no need to base your final decision on that. If fingerprints are really a problem, just buy a thin & clear case.

  19. I was a longtime Android user and never used an iPhone until March of 2021 when I purchased the iPhone 12 and I have only 1 regret. My 1 regret is not switching to iPhone sooner!

  20. Switched to the iPhone 12 recently after using android since 2013. Don't think ill switch back. I really enjoy the experience with iphone more.

  21. iPhone 12 the best phone every made, specifically the mini.

    9 in 10 US teens use iPhone. Guess what happens to teens? They become adults.

  22. I agree with the magsafe. I was kind of excited at first but then when I started using it i find it really annoying that I started using my Samsung's fast wireless charger. I love how smooth ios interface is but I just hate that there are no shortcuts to setting I want and I have to go through the menu and list in settings etc. also file management. I noticed that bo matter how much photos I delete, my storage keeps on getting filled 🙄

  23. If u cannot kill that thing in a full day you are not using it, pretty sure i'd have to charge it 2 times, my RogPhone 2 now has 16% for reference🤣 it's 2 A.M. at the moment 17h ago for the lasy charge with 10.20 of screen on time

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