iPhone 12 MagSafe Charger Unboxing and Test

iPhone 12 Latercase – https://latercase.com
iPhone 12 Unboxing all the cases – https://youtu.be/EKJzl3ZU_O4
This video features Apple’s new MagSafe wireless charger. The new charger is Qi compatible and will work with the new iPhone 12 as well as previous iPhones (wireless charging). It will also work on compatible Android devices.

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27 thoughts on “iPhone 12 MagSafe Charger Unboxing and Test”

  1. Anybody else lose they mind watchin this dude slam the charger around & the phone around like they not both $1,000? 😔🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂

  2. If it wasnt a problem to begin with why in the freaking HECK!! Would Iphone try to fix a problem that didn't exsist?? Apple I hope Samsung laughs at you and takes your money cause this ridiculousness of removing the charging port was JUST!! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!!

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