iPhone 12 Mini Review: Tiny Tradeoffs!

iPhone 12 Mini is truly a shrunken version of iPhone 12. Compact flagships aren’t dead!
iPhone 12 Review: https://youtu.be/X1b3C2081-Q
iPhone 12 Pro Max: https://youtu.be/qrzCLgDplTw

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Phone provided by Apple for review.



37 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Mini Review: Tiny Tradeoffs!”

  1. I just Purchased my 12 mini the other day, first I was like this is too small coming from a Stylo 6! That phone is huge . But I absolutely love it, I need a small phone that's easy to hold.. I'm really bad with dropping phones🤦

  2. Comparing both 12 and 12 mini
    Small phone small battery – Hahahha
    12 mini needs less battery when compared to 12….if 12 battery is in 12 mini then we can say small battery

  3. Hey I am thinking to get this phone… but I am not getting it from apples website instead I am getting it renewed from Amazon, do you think I should a little more money and buy it from Apple where I know it's brand new or should I just go with Amazon?

  4. don't get me wrong, i get the appeal of big phones. but i have an ipad now and it just seems pointless.

    it is still strange the 11 pro is smaller than the 11…but that's the only reason i got it

  5. I’m upgrading from the iPhone SE 1st generation to iPhone 12 mini. I think I’ll be okay lol. I don’t like these big phones. Are we going back to the very first cell phone? The 80s 12in phone lol

  6. My SE finally died and I bought a 12 Mini vs the new SE model. I hate large phones, I like being able to manipulate the phone easily with one hand, and do a lot of quick photos and video (in Landscape). I do miss the home button thumbprint to unlock, it can get annoying with masks interfering with facialrecognition. But the camera and video quality on the 12 are a noticable upgrade over the SE.

    I have never come close to fully using a charge in a day on the 12 mini, but I don’t use it like some. Photos and video, listening to some podcasts, and the occaisonal text or phone call is about it.

  7. I've wanted a smaller phone again ever since my iPhone 5 screen died after the last ill fated drop. I have smaller hands and even just the normal sized iPhone 8 that I currently have is a little over the line of being a two handed phone. I hate that so I'm looking into these smaller options now.

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