iPhone 12 mini vs. iPhone 12 Battery Test

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Battery test between the iPhone 12 mini and the standard iPhone 12 to see how big the difference in battery life is.

– Screens were calibrated to 200 nits with auto-brightness turned off.
– Speakers calibrated to the same decibel count.
– Tested within equal distance of a mini cell tower.
– Tested in a temperature controlled environment.

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iPhone 12 mini vs. iPhone 12 Battery Test


38 thoughts on “iPhone 12 mini vs. iPhone 12 Battery Test”

  1. Iphone mini is not a phone for all day use like other phones i had.. I just got one yesterday and i will happy if i can only check e-mails , make some calls , and check social media 2,3 times in the day. I dont need games or spending 4 hours on youtube so im good.

  2. I’ve got the iPhone 12 Pro and I usually end the day barely making it on a single charge because most of my day is spent on my phone in some way and I’m much harder on my phone than most people. The mini wouldn’t have enough battery to last me through the day.

  3. Mine and my friend's 12 mini does not last nearly that much. In a typical day, with 4G activated (not even 5G) and active use of social apps and taking photos and videos, we barely reach 3 / 3.5 hours of screen on time at best. (Using the personal hotspot with active data usage is a joke as you can actually see the battery percentage draining but anyway.) We always charge it at our lunch break. Days with moderate use, at home, using WIFi, not using the camera and spending time on your PC for example, it may last a full day. Also the battery deteriorates much faster than the bigger iphones. I'm still keeping it though, and hopefully I'll snap the 14 pro next fall. Battery aside, it's an excellent phone.

  4. I have a iphone 12 mini device, I bought it by watching this video thinking that the battery is good. Although my brightness is low, I can see a maximum of 4 hours and 30 minutes of screen time. Make sure that it does not give 7 hours of screen time

  5. I use my phone (xiaomi mi note 8) for about 5/6 hours per day, and I want to buy a faster and smaller phone, and i think that 12 mini is the perfect choice for me, my only doubt was about the battery but after this vid i think that i won't have problems. Thanks for this content!

  6. I search this video to see if the iPhone 12 mini is worth it because I have the iPhone 6s and I just want to see which one is better battery because I might get the 12 mini for Christmas

  7. Can someone advise? Am I doing something wrong with my Mini, I've left it at default and I only browse the net and instagram and occasionally the camera and the battery does last for about 24h but my actual screen on time is just 3 hours. Is there something I should consider switching off?

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