iPhone 12 Pro Max: Hands-on with THE BIGGEST iPhone

You can buy iPhone 12 Pro Max here…
iPhone 12 Pro Max: https://bit.ly/3hKHvgH
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It’s almost tablet-sized, and the high-end design features really stand out.

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41 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Pro Max: Hands-on with THE BIGGEST iPhone”

  1. The iphone 12 pro max is small in my opinion idk why people who used the regular iphone said it's big.. That's why i choose ipad for my daily driver.

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  3. We bought 2 iPhone 12 Pro Max and they both have awful antenna receptions and to return them and go back to my iPhone 11 Pro Max way better for rural areas

  4. i feel like apple has already designed the inscreen fingerprint scanner but they're taking their time to give it a "revolutionary name" like iTouchedaBoy or something

  5. I "love" how everyone is complaining about the size of the 12 Pro Max when it's only 2mm taller than 6 Plus, 7 Plus and 8 Plus. It is identical in width and thickness. Is it also smaller (height, width and thickness) than Samsung 20 Ultra – you don't hear many people complaining about the size of that one.

  6. This is actually the first iPhone I’ve thought looked good in gold. The back of that phone is a really cool color! But I don’t like the flashy bezels. I went for graphite on mine — I know, I’m boring, but it’s nice, matches the front, and fits with my “fly under the radar” aesthetic.

  7. Thanks for this, I’ve just ordered the12 Pro Max in gold, think will be a good device! I always put a case and screen protector on my phones! 👍🏻😉

  8. Only difference I see is lidar. Of course there's a new cpu, but I mean…. Where's the innovation? I was going to get this phone thinking they'd remove the notch. I ended up getting a z fold 2.

  9. This felt like an ad sadly. The 11 Pro Max was too big and I’m a 6’5” giant. Can’t imagine the appeal of this but I have a iPad already. 🤷‍♂️

  10. For those that say screen to big, They have Reachability in the settings!! This is for people that can’t reach the top of their device because their finger aren’t long, you go into settings click accessibility, then you scroll down to “touch “and then turn the reachability setting on ! Problem solved !!!!

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