iPhone 12 Pro Max – Long Term Review (3 Months Later)

iPhone 12 Pro Max has been out a few months and after using it on and off I share details in a iPhone 12 Pro Max Long Term Review. In this video I talk about iPhone 12 Pro Max durability, performance, battery life, cameras and more using iOS 14.5. #iPhone12 #iPhone #Apple #iOS14

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:28 – Size
01:07 – Durability
02:18 – Scratches
03:13 – Display
04:27 – PWM
04:47 – Speakers
05:53 – Speed and Performance
07:29 – Cameras
08:53 – Daily use
09:15 – 5G, Reception and WiFi
10:12 – Battery
11:12 – Should You Wait for iPhone 13?
13:03 – Conclusion
13:26 – Outro
13:46 – End

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30 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Pro Max – Long Term Review (3 Months Later)”

  1. If you’ve got the iPhone 12 Pro Max then there’s literally no point upgrading to the 13 pro max purely because the changes in phones are bare minimum , certainly not enough to wow you . I’m going to wait for iPhone 15 pro max when they bring that out as my 12 pro max is still as good and exciting as it was when I first got it .

  2. I kinda want to get a 13 pro max (i m using z flip atm) but i can t justify the change unless it comes with 120hz. As far as i m concerned everything else can remain the same

  3. Might need someone's help… so I have a note 10+ currently, and I'm thinking about switching back to iPhone. I miss how messages and FaceTime works a lot, and it would make communicating with my best friend way better since she lives states away now. Though I will miss the seemingly endless ways to customize my phone with android.
    Would it be worth it to switch back? Should I wait for iPhone 13?

  4. I just realised that the dimensions of an iPhone 7 Plus are very similar to that of the 12 pro max. I’ve been wondering if it would feel too big/bulky…it won’t for me, decision made.

  5. Did you experience any hand/ arm/ forearm pain early on? I came from an 11 Pro, and I'm a week in, and I'm hoping my body "gets used to it," as it's a great phone.

  6. guys i need help, im really confused on what im gonna buy 12 pro max or rog5 ultimate? im really hesistant about android because they say that about 3-5months its gonna start slowing, and about ios i really dont know about it. please give me you’re honest opinion thanks!

  7. I really do hope Apple does add Touch ID to the next iPhone I’ve been holding out now with my 8 plus mainly because I prefer Touch ID, it’s definitely helped during this pandemic with wearing a mask 😷. If they decide not to add the Touch ID then I don’t think I can wait any longer, I may well get the 12 pro max instead of the so called 13 just because Apple usually discount the previous phone each year.

  8. Your review is very thorough and helpful albeit contrary to what most others are saying about their personal experiences with the phone and a wide variety of issues. Having said that, either they’re lying, you’re biased or you just lucked out and got one that was perfect. Thanks for your insights.

  9. Im a Galaxy man forever and Hated apple products all together but am looking into possibly switching over to an iPhone but not sure. Is it worth getting the iPhone 12 pro max now or to wait for the iPhone 13. Also why should I leave Samsung and please answer it and say why not just say oh Because Samsung sucks… I want a true reason why

  10. Mine cuts in and out on speakphone CONSTANTLY! I have taken it in to the Apple store three times to no avail. Then I find out from friends who have the same phone that it happens to them too! I think Apple need to replace my phone with something else. I highly recommend you do NOT buy this phone!

  11. Great no, but I think you need to slow down a bit. Very hard to differentiate as you transition to different subjects. Overall, informative, but it might be better slower. 😃

  12. Loving my iPhone 12pro max but wonder why my Geekbench score is low (as experienced by others). My single core was 1517 and the multi-core result was 2301. Have they shown a fix for this? Thanks.

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