iPhone 12 Pro Max Review नेपालीमा

Hi, I have been using the iPhone 12 Pro Max for a month now. Is this the best smartphone to buy in Nepal? Find out in our review here.

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The iPhone 12 Pro Max price in Nepal starts at Rs. 186,000. This price is for the 128GB variant. Similarly, the 256GB variant costs Rs. 203,000. In this video, we are going to compare with the iPhone 12, which is currently my favorite iPhone.

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  1. i am waiting for i phone 13 pro max to be launched here in Nepal cuz my sister is going to buy it and give me her i phone 12 pro max. 😁❤️ jai bunu. jai kidney ❤️😁😂🔥

  2. फोनको review गर्दा talkbackko बारेमा पनि describe gareko भएको भए अझै better हुन्थियो for blind

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