iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Note 20 Ultra 5G – Which Should You Choose?

iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Note 20 Ultra 5G are the top flagship models from Apple and Samsung right now. In this video I compare Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max against the Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G and show you the differences including price, displays, cameras, speed, 5G, speakers, android vs iOS 14 and much more. Both the S20 Ultra 5G and iPhone 12 Pro Max are great, but I help you decide which is best for you. #iPhone12pro #Note20ultra #comparison

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:16 – Price
00:49 – Colors
01:11 – Design and build
03:11 – Size comparison and feel
04:18 – FaceID and Fingerprint sensor
05:08 – Weight
05:21 – Display specs
06:21 – Speakers
07:27 – Front cameras
08:49 – Rear cameras
10:28 – Camera comparison
12:39 – Specs
13:18 – Speed comparison
15:25 – Heat
15:38 – iOS vs Android
16:29 – 120Hz display
17:09 – Updates and support
18:14 – Extra Note 20 features
19:31 – Battery life
21:17 – IP Ratings
21:37 – Which should you choose?
22:30 – 5G and WiFi
22:44 – Reverse wireless charging
23:34 – Conclusion
24:03 – Outro
24:23 – End

Gear I use:
📷 CAMERA: https://bhpho.to/3idRl9u
🎤 Microphone – https://amzn.to/2JYatZl
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44 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Note 20 Ultra 5G – Which Should You Choose?”

  1. Let me tell you that camera performance of 20 ultra is far better especially in dim light. Totally satisfied with my 20 Ultra snapdragon.

  2. The IPhone 12pro is a Joke. Continues freezes in some apps. Plus gotta pay for almost everything. I hate this phone. Just waiting for the new Note to go back to the Samsung family. Plus it connects to every single old or new tv and devices, try that with an iPhone. Good luck trying

  3. The Note 2022 is gonna be so boring compared to the Note 20 and I feel like they shouldve sticked to Note 20s Camera module and added the S21 ultra cameras in there and bigger sensors

  4. Great comparison. I choose the note20 ultra, it just gives so much more. You can make the note20 ultra your own. Style it the way you want. With the Iphone12s you can Style it the way apple will let you, apple gives you no creativity. The note20 ultra with 12gigs will cost 1,299. But here's the kicker, you can put a 1tb memory card in the phone, which you forgot to mention. So with apple you want max memory you have to pay apple I think 1,500. Were you can get 1tb card for 50.00.

  5. I will never buy iPhone as they have lost their creativity. There is not much difference between iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

  6. Watching this while using my amazing note 20 ultra way better than same ol iPhone every year. I like my built in S pen as well. 😁

  7. I've been with Apple since the 3GS days and always been an Apple fan but there are things you can do more on an Andrioid than you could ever do on an Apple. The camera on my Note 20 Ultra is so much better. The zoom quality and 8K video are very useful.
    The expandable memory and bigger display why I switch from Apple and wireless powershare are useful features. Both phones are AWESOME!!

  8. It’s crazy because apple software and minimal organized design makes it’s attracting while I’m just drooling over the feels and looks of the note 20 ultra

  9. Got my Note 20 ultra, I kind of miss some of the iPhone's interface but can't compromise for the endless customization possibilities.

    Might get a 13 mini this yr just for a secondary phone I guess.

  10. Thanks! Great review! And your text techincal notes are very useful when I can see all tech-info of both cameras on one screeen.

  11. Every phone have their own merits. For me, being used to both worlds of iOS and Android, it all depends on your own preference. I currently use a Mi 9, and an iPhone SE (2016) both being a work phone and a personal phone respectively.

    Then I got an offer from my carrier to get a free phone, any phone really, but I was eyeing on Samsung and Apple with the extension of 2 year contract with my carrier. I decided to get the iPhone 12 Pro Max, instead of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra and the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

    Not that iPhone are superior to Galaxy, nor vice versa, but I just want to replace my ageing SE. Galaxys are great overall phone, but my Mi 9 still work flawlessly over the years, that upgrading my iOS phone seems better deal than getting a new Android and stuck with a very old iOS phone. Plus, I was planning to go for the Note21 Ultra but Samsung decided they cancel this year model so, iPhone it is then, and it will arrive this week! I can't wait. 😀

  12. Great comparison! I have the note 20 and considering a change to an comparable iphone solely because family and friends have an iphones & the shared features are a plus. ie.. find friends & facetime. THank you~

  13. Someone explain to me how the front cameras are so similar but the iPhone is 12mp and the Samsung is 108mp. I thought with the mp being so much of a difference the note's camera for front facing would be far better.

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