iPhone 12 Pro + Pro Max Unboxing & Review: A promise of the future

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The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are a great refinement over last year’s 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, but there have been some let downs in certain areas, no high-refresh-rate display, decreased battery performance, and then of course Apple’s making the phone a bit more expensive for those of you who don’t already own a Type-C charging brick. But is it still worth it?

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0:00 Intro
1:13 Unboxing
2:03 Design
2:58 Displays
3:58 Ceramic Shield
4:31 Speakers
5:19 Performance
6:08 MagSafe
7:21 Battery Life
8:46 5G
9:44 Cameras
12:14 Apple ProRAW
12:55 HDR Video Recording
14:24 9to5Mac’s Take

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36 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Pro + Pro Max Unboxing & Review: A promise of the future”

  1. I own both iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro.
    I was surprised when listening to the music with airpods 2. 
    iPhone 12 Pro Max Produces an overall fuller and more musical sound quality, very Sweet Vocal, 
    better decay, sound expansively big 3 dimensional sense, have better texture and the bass is more pronouned, making you want to tap your toe.. 
    I was shock, the sound with airpods 2 coming from iPhone 12 Pro was dead and boring in comparison.
    Does anybody notice this?

  2. Omg enough with 120hz display already. The battery life isn’t as good as the 11 to max anyways. You want the 12 max to have crap battery life with 5g and 120hz display. I have the 12 max and battery is everything. Give me shatter proof back glass. Give me scratch proof front and back. This display is beautiful I don’t get the hype of 120 on the iPhone. On iPad I can see the advantages with the pencil. Thumb down

  3. I’d rather have the 5G modem for future proofing plus more base storage without a price increase than a charging brick and wired headphones. You just need to check out the price of the Samsung phones 😬

  4. I am a normal I do not care if my iPhone has rounded, or flat sides. Do not care size of the bezels as I watch the screen. Do not know why you pundits are watching the bezels. Do not care about the dreaded NOTCH. Now that being said I would be OK with a forehead going all the way across the top if you pundits would just shut up about the NOTCH. I would like to see Product Red option with all models more money for the cause. I just put leather Product Red case on my iPhone so I like the color options that have black on the face of the iPhone. Always install tempered glass screen protector which so far only one time I feel has saved my screen. Easy to replace screen protector and much lower cost, and this time already had the second screen protector.

    I can just leave it stock GUI if I want to, and you pundits have other options to make it look the way you want, and will still complain about it. As a normal it is not about GQ style it is about my iPhone just working, and the KISS IOS/Unix operation.

    I started up with the iPhone Upgrade Program when it first started. Why did I use the iPhone Upgrade Program? Always had Applecare if repair needed. So far never had to have a battery replaced, or any other service. Would also have the latest, and greatest iPhone Apple had to offer.

    This will be the first year I am not going to upgrade from my iPhone 11 Pro. Nice upgrades however things that I just do not use every day. The reason I even moved last year is that I moved from an iPhone with LED to OLED so I could see it better while outside. Well being a "Person at Risk" these COVID-19 days I just do not leave the house except to #MaskUp to purchase food, and go to doctors appointments. In fact my next doctor's appointment is going to be virtual as it will be during the height of FLU, and what is expected to be the height of COVID-19 pandemic in the USA.

    I do not use wireless charging except for my Apple Watch. I am a normal who can just plug my iPhone at night, and guess what it is fully charged in the morning when I get up. I also use the Apple 5W USB charger as I do not need it to fast charge. I do also have both 12W USB (iPad), and a 20W USB C charger if needed. To date have never found the need. If I was to purchase a new iPhone that only came with the USB C charging cable I could always purchase a USB C Female to USB Male Adapter (2 Pack) on Amazon for $ 9.99 ( on 20201023 ) to use my older Apple 5W USB charger.

    Now that being said what would I like to see on the next iPhone for charging, and ports. I think the MagSafe charging looks good, and if I was going to use it of course purchase something like the Apple MagSafe Charger however use the Apple 5W USB charger with USB C Female to USB Male Adapter as again happy to have it charge slow overnight. Then would like to see a USB4 port with all options of the USB4 standard enabled. Still compatible with USB C accessories. USB4 port with all the options enabled of the standard could open up so many things not just for professionals.

    5G does not make a difference as for this normal my iPhone Pro 11's LTE does everything I need it to do on T-Mobile service. In fact the LTE sever improved when T-Mobile upgraded the cell towers in the area to support 5G. Another thing is since I use my iPhone with a WiFI, fiber optic Internet connection as a "Person at Risk" not leaving home do not use cell towers for data. What I would like to see is the new standards based WiFI 6E in all new Apple products.

    Now as the saying goes the straw that broke the camel's back. Ports for Apple products. On the new Apple M1 products they have two Thunderbolt 3/USB4 (up to 40Gb/s) as the USB4 specification was released on 29 August 2019 by USB Implementers Forum, based on the Intel Thunderbolt 3 protocol specification. USB4 not on the iPhones, or iPads so I will wait.

    For the Apple iPhone I never want it to lose the connection port, and I want it to be at least USB4 full standards supported on at least the iPhone Pro products. Thing is this would open up all type of connection possibilities not just for professionals. Imagine the possibilities. Think Different

  5. Some have argued that the 2.5X telephoto on the 12 Pro Max is not what most people actually need in day-to-day outdoor photography. I personally disagree, especially for portraits, but where I find it most valuable is not for zooming in on distant objects, but for better framing close-up objects, such as wildflowers.

  6. So far, on my 12 Pro Max, with frequent usage mostly for routine stuff like Email, YouTube, and web-browsing, I’m seeing nearly two-day battery life.

    Also, low-light photography on the main lens has been pretty impressive. It’s amazingly good at focusing and then holding the image steady over a 3-second exposure even when my eyes say there’s very light.

  7. But is it really making it more expensive if they’re able to provide significantly more expensive hardware to manufacture without raising the price at all for consumers? I think it’s a major win that they preserved prices.

  8. Watching this in 2160p HDR on my 12 pro max and I have to say this screen is out of this world! Never have I seen a screen like this before on an iPhone and I have used all of them!

  9. I'm having a hard time choosing between 256gb and 512gb?? Do you plan on keeping your phone for more that 2 years? If so how long?? Just curious because I wanna upgrade to the iphone 13 so I wonder if 256gb would be good for at least a year until the iPhone 13 comes out.. plus the iOS constantly updates and that may take up alot of space??

  10. You're the most depressing review of the Pro Max I've heard

    You don't see a huge difference in the pictures because you're not a photographer. As someone who is, I'm quite impressed that a phone can take such fab pictures. I can't wait to play with it!

    I'm not bothered by magsafe as I use a popsocket – so it's useless to me and the wallet isn't big enough to carry all the crap I carry in my wallet lol

    It'll be a while before I upgrade again, my current is a 7+, so I'm well excited to get the 12 pro max

    I get what you're saying about "Next year could be very different" but you could spend the rest of your life waiting for next years model! Not all of us have the luxury of reviewing

  11. Loving my 12 Pro Max so far. 5G isn’t mmWave but MUCH better speeds over 4G (for now, anyway).

    Low light photography is great! I came from a XS Max so i’m also enjoying the ultra wide lens. But the wide lens is the main shooter for most shots.

    Pacific Blue is a really neat color – but I’ll be lying if i didn’t say the gold also caught my eye. 
    It looks like C-3PO 🙂

    At 6.7”, this thing is a big device. If you’re considering it and are on the fence about the size, I’d highly recommend finding someone who has one and asking to hold it, maybe pocket it, too (given that the Apple Store might not be open to browsing around these days).

    I like the squared off design. It’s a neat little nod to the iPhone 4/4S/5 days and I can appreciate that – but it’s a different feel in the hands.

    Speaking of hands, yeah, you’ll probably need both to work this thing. It’s NOT a one handed phone unless you have freakishly big claws (or are just very tall and not as freakish). For us plebs, it’s two hands.

    Here’s hoping LiDAR has more functionality with future upgrades!

    Be good. Be well. Be healthy, ya’ll! Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. @9to5mac well good for you, you have a lot of bricks but people that are thinking of coming over from android dont have any any choice but to buy a new one if they want fast charge

  13. Did a test with 5G long wave and LTE advanced in Arlington Heights (a Chicago suburb) and got 124 down and 10.1 up for 5G Auto, 130 down and 6.67 up on LTE advanced. I turned 5G off.

    Saves battery, get better speeds. LTE advanced on these phones gets a maximum of 2 gbps max vs. 1 gbps max on the Intel modems, so at least there's a small advantage with these expensive Qualcomm modems (which is probably where the money for the charging brick and EarPods went and then some).

    IMO, the A14 makes the biggest difference is in video. The ability to encode 4K 10 bit Dolby Vision HDR frames 60 times a second realtime is mind blowing. And what I probably appreciate most with the cameras is HDR 3 and Deep Fusion on all the cameras. I actually use the iPhone cameras to record itsy-bitsy labels with serial and model numbers because Deep Fusion cleans up the images and clarifies the characters. I realized this last year at the bank recording savings bonds my daughter received as a child – every image cleaned up and clarified so well that we now have a great record of each bond.

    BTW, the 2020 iMac 5K has a 10 bit EDR display, so even thought it can't reach the stratospheric 1000 NIT minimum, it does allow you to view 4K HDR content now under Big Sur. Magnificent. Thanks for the 4K HDR video. And thanks to Apple for including the av1 support. (I assume it's not vp9).

    I think the incremental value of the 12 Pro to the 12 Pro Max is a steal at only $100, and probably eclipses the incremental value of $150 from the 12 to 12 Pro – I say $150 because I think it would be foolish to buy any phone supporting Dolby Vision HDR with only 64 GB of on board storage.

  14. Wow! My eyes are bleeding with all these colors coming out of my screen! Haha! Videos like this make me appreciate my screen more! ❤️ Thank you for this visual treat 💕

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