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The New A14 Bionic processor is here to separate the iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro from the rest of the pack. Here are my final thoughts on gaming On the iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro

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46 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Pro Review| Gaming Power House!”

  1. I'm planning to buy 12 Pro bc i read the review it was good for gaming. I'm playing PUBG and ML. is it really good for these two games? The battery?? How bout the temperature? My V19 overheated really fast if I play these games.

  2. iphone 12 pro is good? i dont want to get the pro max bcos its too big, but slight afraid of the battery .. is 12 pro good in gaming or the battery is good??

  3. DUDE, imagine if they made GTA IV for IOS, That'd be the happiest day of my life. It's already insane that we can play GTA Vice City, San Andreas III, Bully, max payne… but man imagine GTA IV! or the original Red Dead! damnnnnnnnnnn

  4. I have an iPhone 6 and 5s and honestly I really want anything higher than a 6 but of course if I asked my dad he would say no no no iPhone X Is so expensive no. So based on this, I’d probably get an iPhone 11 or x in 2027 or something ! That’s what it’s like to be poor. Also my iPhone still feels likes a million bucks and the only thing I hate is getting made fun of and I can run TikTok pretty well and social media um camera is good well ok and storage sucks!!!!

  5. When I play World of Tanks Blitz on my iPhone 12 pro, my FPS drops to 40. It’s not like device is not powerful enough or the game is crazy hard but the FPS is not stable.
    Fun fact is that it doesn’t go less than 40 and it stabilised on 40.

  6. Can you do a genshin impact results on iphone 11 series? It seems A14 isnt optimized on this game yet to the point it overclocks just to keep up with the gpu.

  7. Was that Note 20 ultra with exynos chips ? .. Cz my previous years flaship with SD 885+ gives me 50-60 fps constantly with high satbilty (even after 30 min gaming). In genshin impact ofcourse.

  8. If the iPhone 12 pro had 120hz, no notch and a bigger battery, then I would've bought one but unfortunately it doesn't, so maybe next year… we'll see.

  9. iPhone 12 have a 4core gpu it’s the same gpu in the xs Max an 11pro Max so it’s pointless doing a gaming video the only difference is the a14 has a faster cpu

  10. Another YouTuber compared this to the zfold 2 after 1hr and the iPhone throttles like crazy. So cool temp benchmarks don't tell the true story. You should look up iPhone 12 game throttling. It basically throttles performance by 15%. So initial benchmarks look awesome but after 1hr it's not as great as it seems.

  11. Tip for the future: Don't include that cringey weeb-related stuff in your future reviews (weirdo stuff like genshin). It turns people off. Stick with popular games instead

  12. Awesome Sir! Still the older iPHONEs are also speedy. I play Snipper and other games on my iPhone 7 and 7+ and upload it on my channel. Its speed is still awesome.

  13. Now I’m sure the “120hz” would be “awesome” for gaming. But honestly I prefer to have 5G that will always be reliable no matter where I am. It was the most talked category for iPhone 11. I’m sure the processor and ram would help with advanced gaming and 5G connection.

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