iPhone 12 Pro Review: You Sure About That?

iPhone 12 Pro is in a tricky spot. Choose wisely.
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Phone provided by Apple for review.



36 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Pro Review: You Sure About That?”

  1. I've always been an Android guy, I just picked up my very first iPhone 12 Pro just a few days ago, I love this phone! The iPhone 12 Pro I think has everything you need and is about the right size for most people……….if money is no object, get the iPhone 12 Pro Max, it's heavier and bulkier which I find not worth it.

  2. didnt really care about the price. i came from an Oppo that was $200, this was my first big phone so I was willing to give up some more money for a MUCH better phone that I had

  3. I have an XR currently and I’m either wanting to go to the 12 or the 12 Pro. Right now I’m at 132gb of 256gb so that’s why I’m kinda like should I lean more towards the pro cuz it has more storage or is the 12 gonna be ok. Do you or does anyone have an advice for me on what to do? Luv ur vids!

  4. honestly… at the moment i’m with the iPhone 6s plus with 32gb, i’m getting this for my birthday— well before since… my birthday is exactly on black friday, and i suppose this will be a big change to have this phone

  5. upgraded from XR to 12 pro. ( chose over the 12)…no regrets….if you plan to have a phone that's a bit cheaper than the latest iPhone 13 and if you are the type ( like me) who upgrades every other generation get the 12 pro …

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