iPhone 12 Pro: Still Worth It?

iPhone 12 Full Review! https://youtu.be/r3oCkikg9Kg
This year, Apple gave the iPhone 12 Pro a slightly bigger display, one of the best camera systems of any smartphone, and a cool new industrial build, but is all of that worth it? I’ve been testing the Apple iPhone 12 Pro for nearly a month; let me tell you what I think about Apple’s new “Pro” phone and why I think you should/shouldn’t buy it.

iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro Max https://youtu.be/U4DdtSLEBcs
iPhone 12 Top 5 MUST BUY Accessories https://youtu.be/ns-QxfPzza4

-iPhone 12 Pro Specs-
Display: 6.1”, Super Retina XDR Display technology, Ceramic Shield
Processor: A14 Bionic
MagSafe support
15W Wireless Charging
Camera Front: TrueDepth Camera
Camera Rear:
12MP Ultra-wide
12MP Wide F.16 (new)
12MP Telephoto
Colors: Silver, Graphite, Gold, Pacific blue
Capacity: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
Price: $999 (Starting)

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29 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Pro: Still Worth It?”

  1. OMG!!!I wish I could see you kelvin1_tech on ig..I wanna say big thanks for choosing me as a winner..u are real..and hacking service are provided… 💯 legit😭😭

  2. Coming from note 20 ultra, i agree i love the build quality of my iphone 12 pro max being hefty and wide making me wish samsung would do that for their ultra series.

  3. It's pretty straightforward to do a dolby grade on Resolve taking advantage of the enhanced colour space to output a rec9 that looks far better than anything from another phone. Obviously would be ideal if you could follow this workflow in handset.

  4. Trust me the camera is better I have the 11pro max and the 12 pro max the 12 is so much less grainy the camera is way better since it has a bigger camera lens

  5. Been a andriod guy since sony google G1
    Now using a pixel 3A but wanna try iphone but don't know which one to get I want a battery match close to pixel cuz I use esim not sure if the regular pro would last all day

  6. Hey I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max which I’ve had over a year and I do love it but the size and weight overall is a bit too much for me so I’m downsizing with my next phone. I can’t decide whether to go 12 or 12 pro. Can you give me any advice? Is there much difference between the 11 pro max and 12 cameras? I’m not a professional I just take a lot of photos of my kids mainly lol. Also I really love the black iPhone 12 but I’m not as keen on the pro colours which is another reason I’m not drawn to the 12 pro. I know the pro has more ram and the lidar sensor etc but my 11 pro max has the same ram as the 12 and I’ve found it fine and no lagging etc. I also upgrade every 1-2 years so I don’t keep my phones a really long time which is another reason I’m thinking 12 over pro. What do you think? I can’t find many comparison videos between the 11 pro max and 12 or 12 pro so it’s hard to decide! Thanks and sorry this is so long 🙂

  7. It feels terrible in your hand relative to so many other phones. It’s incredible heavy and actually starts to hurt your hands because of the sharp corners.

  8. from a huge iPhone fan here,

    "worth it" refers to something being of value for the price.

    it doesn't apply to the current line of pro iPhones.

    iPhone 12 and 12 mini represent much better value and are the iPhones for most.

    what makes it irrelevant for iPhone 12 pro line is that it has some specific features that some specific people may want. and they can determine if the features they want are worth paying the extra on an individual basis.

  9. I’m not the max guy,, 6.1 inches for a phone is big enough,, if I really want that big then I will have to go for an ipad,, no matter how big the pro max is it’s still a phone and one hand usage is important as a phone. I’m comfortable with my 12 pro

  10. It’s a phone what can I say ..any advancements year my year are vastly incremental that are in my opinion rather tit for tat

  11. I am upgrading from a iphone 7 plus. I like the size. Which iphone should I upgrade too? Making a decision is too confusing for me, please help.

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