iPhone 12 Review After 20 Days: The Perfect iPhone for Almost Everyone [Hindi]

In this video we present to you the iPhone 12 Full Review in Hindi, which is basically our iPhone 12 review after 1 month usage, including iPhone 12 Camera test, iPhone 12 gaming test, iPhone 12 Pros and Cons and answering some questions about iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro.
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UAG iphone 12 Metropolis LT – Brown: https://rb.gy/wh3yo0
UAG iPhone 12 mouve – Soft Blue: https://rb.gy/n3xds6

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Video Highlights:
00:00 Introduction
01:20 Build & Design
03:36 Display
05:21 Cameras
07:43 Software Experience
09:00 Performance
10:10 Battery & Charging
11:37 Verdict
13:41 Apple’s 2020 Strategy

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39 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Review After 20 Days: The Perfect iPhone for Almost Everyone [Hindi]”

  1. हिन्दी मै आप कितना बेहतर बोलते है….कृपया आप हिन्दी मै ही बोला किजिए

  2. Maine oneplus 8 pro liya tha… Ab is saal 9 pro le liya… Next year ke liye 10 pro ke liye paise bacha raha… 😂 😂 😂 Fir b har saal mai iPhone dekhta hu… Price dekhta hu… Fir oneplus kharid leta hu.. 😅😅😅

  3. 6-7 hrs screen on time for his usage and 4.5 hrs screen on time with s21+ . Just think about how ridiculous a14 chipset. Its a miracle. No one is emphasizing this enough. How backwards the competitors interms of power and efficiency.!!

  4. I am using android from ages but I like I phone 12 but still I am confused about what phone to be taken S21 or I phone 12
    Few things that are bothering me about I phone 12
    -Is it dual sim?
    -Will screen mirroring work with any TV

  5. After using samsung flagships since the last 5-6 years, i finally decided to try the iphone this time…bought the iphone12….tbh coming from the S10+, the iphone seems to be a downgrade in terms of hardware…but software wise, ios seem much smoother than android

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