iPhone 12 Unboxing Video | Tamil Tech Review | iPhone 12 REVIEW – 30 Days Later | iPhone 12 green

[தமிழ் ] iPhone 12 unboxing / whats inside the box and the accessories needed for iPhone 12 and review of the iPhone 12 after using it for 30 days – iPhone 12 Green
[This video is purely on personal opinion and not a brand endorsement so please decide for yourself and buy it ] and my first time trying a gadget review so bare with me 😎

Happy new year guys 🙂 First video of 2021 lets blast with some 👍and comments ♡ 🙂

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49 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Unboxing Video | Tamil Tech Review | iPhone 12 REVIEW – 30 Days Later | iPhone 12 green”

  1. Yaarudi nee mohini la dhanush soldra maari : naa flight( I phone) ae ipo thaanga paakuren.. ithula enga naa voice drop laa check panraathu🙄🙄🙄😉😛

  2. I'm going to buy an iphone 12 but recently I saw some news that Iphone 12 aluminum frame get discoloration. Can you say something about this? It will help me to decide whether buying 11 or 12 pro

  3. Evlovum solitu last la kidney veethu than vanganum soninga pathingala athu Vera level 😂😂😂😂 iphone 13 verum box Varum Nama than enum 1lkhs Ku phone thaniya vanganum

  4. inonu kavanuchengla… sumar ah iruka girls eh indha mari shoot la product ah vida avangala alaga kaatika avlo bandha panuvanga… i am soo impresses… nenga konjam kuda over attitude oh Or alaga therayanun nu over reactions oh.. Or bandha va kuda pesala… u r so simple… and that simple behavior shows u to me a beautiful girl… ha ha.. keep it rocks… and onething… nerla kuda ukandhu pesura mari feel achu.. etho pakathu veetu ponnu mari… all the best

  5. hey… na just a walkaround kaga tha pathen… and unoda speech about this phone ah keka keka there is more interesting… woww… nalla explanation and user review… it is so nice… sounds good… keep it… rocks 🤘

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