iPhone 12 vs Galaxy S21: I'm switching to the Galaxy!

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43 thoughts on “iPhone 12 vs Galaxy S21: I'm switching to the Galaxy!”

  1. I switched to Samsung after the iPhone 3GS and have not looked back. I loathe iTunes and the usability for techies is far more superior for Samsung than iPhone. Sansung Cameras are better and ecosystem with my home devices is much more friendly.

  2. I was from Samsung to Iphone and now go back to SS. it's so horrible trying to organize the photos on Iphone but so easy on SS. Typing on SS feels more responsive. There are more options to take (or edit) photos. A lot convenient features on SS that iphone does not offer.

  3. sounds like a sponsored video.. Welp, cant change my mind.

    "Samsung is not trying hard to lock up u in blabla ecosystem..
    then copies everything Apple has created. 😎

  4. How much porn is this guy downloading to use 64 gb in a year . I have iPhone 8 64 GB and still have 30 gb free from 2+ years ago.

  5. Watching this on my S21 Plus, what a beast of a phone, my friends who have iPhone's even admit it's a great phone (they wanted to check it out so I let them mess around with it a bit) lol, it also sync's seamlessly with my Chromebook which is a nice bonus!

  6. For those of you that have an iPhone, just wait till your battery gets down to about 90% health. Apps will start randomly loading super super super slow and WiFi will start dropping out. My iPhone 11 with 92% battery health is borderline unusable at times. My son’s cheap Moto G Power from last year consistently outperforms my iPhone 11 in day to day tasks. Apple tries too hard to implement crap nobody wants just to keep up. Example: an App Library that you can’t manage yourself. That App Library is a hot mess and a waste of space. I recently spent several minutes trying to find an app that goes to one of my action cams. I couldn’t remember the name of the app and Apple stuck in a folder that had absolutely nothing to do with photography. I’m so so so sick of apple. I’ve been an Apple use for years but I’m done. Tim Cook can take his Apple Watch and iPad shove them up his ass.

  7. In Korea, without a pandemic ppl also wears mask sometimes so there's no use for a face ID. Therefore Samsung feels it doesn't need it….I think πŸ˜„

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