iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 11 Pro! (Comparison) (Review)

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The iPhone 12 just came out, so let’s see how it holds up against the iPhone 11 Pro!

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44 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 11 Pro! (Comparison) (Review)”

  1. The difference between these two in specs and performance is quite similar but what will influence your decision is that if you want a better battery life and triple camera then go for the iPhone 11 pro else if you want a phone with 5G and a slightly larger display, then pick up the iPhone 12. Just take note that theoretically, the iPhone 12 battery may not holdup long enough if you're a heavy user

  2. I need to upgrade my iphone 8+ and I don't know if with iphone 11 pro or iphone 12. The battery and the camera are important to me, I have no problems with the size. Can someone give me some advice on the choice? (sorry for my bad English)

  3. Hey, you forgot to mention some important features in camera section. IPhone 12 can shot NightMode pictures with wide angle and selfie camera, IPhone 11 pro ca only shot NightMode with primary camera.

  4. Honestly thinking about getting a iPhone 12. I have iPhone 11 Pro right now, and it has so many bugs. It drives me mad. I’m glad you got both the color I have and want aligned.

  5. I'm gonna upgrade from iPhone 6 plus but still confused about which one has a better battery in my country iphone 11 is 7500 dollar iphone 12 is 11000 dollar don't be surprised about it cuz our economy and country sucks bye (turkey btw)

  6. Honestly, this comparison makes a lot of sense as the price points for both phones are similar. I'm sure this choice is being considered by a lot of folks out there (me included). Thank you for the upload!

  7. If you look how Apple has given software updates, I think it's purely because insufficient RAM and chip. Nowadays even Apple A11 is still faster than lets say Snapdragon 865.
    Only problem is iPhone X has 3GB RAM, but 11 Pro has 4GB just like 12 and 12 mini. So my guess, no difference in software support, they will support them as long as they are capable of new features. People mainly buy these phones for better cameras, connectivity (5G), maybe better performance, rarely because software support. You can even use iPhones without latest software support let's say 2-3 years, IF you dont care about new features. And then there is this battery, which dies before your phone does and 95% of people just buy new phone at that point 🙂

  8. By God Almighty, I have been called from my heart. ♥ Every person has the house of Leah my father. May God grant her freedom and the end of it.😭

  9. im having a 2 year deal, its 9 months left and I got my cracked iPhone 11 pro, and if i switch its going to be 7 dollars less a month.
    should i trade it in?

  10. This review is clearly biased towards the 11 pro and it’s just his opinion. Get the 12 if your getting a new phone. It is better on paper and even more so in use, the camera is better and it’s lighter and nicer to hold just to begin with. Don’t make a mistake based off this review and watch some other better informed ones.

  11. Would you advise me to answer 11pro or 12 and who is better in photography because I like photography, especially photographing people. Can I reply please and thank you. My current phone is Samsung S7 Edge

  12. Ive used the two, iphone 11 pro camera is NOT better. The 12 beats it is sharpness, details and brightness. The 12 portrait has better edge detection.

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