iPhone 13 3 Months Later – Boring but Great!!

This is a review of the iPhone 13. Specifically, this is a review of the iPhone 13 3 months later. In this review, we talk about why the iPhone 13 is boring but great.

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29 thoughts on “iPhone 13 3 Months Later – Boring but Great!!”

  1. You can say it’s boring but with someone like me who wants to upgrade from an iPhone X I feel like I’m gonna enjoy mine when I get it next month

  2. Just upgraded from my OnePlus 6. Could’ve gotten a Pixel 6 Pro but I wanted to switch it up and try iOS. All I can say is I agree with the title, nothing stands out about it but it does everything well. (Although the price in Canada is wack)

  3. I think this point is particularly relevant to base models and the kind of people buying them.
    It’s not about how different it is from the previous version, but how different it is to the phone you have.

  4. I upgraded…and in a way downgraded from the 12 Pro Max to the Pink 13. The Pro’s were on backorder & I switched cellular companies. I’ve had the Pro Max models since the 11 & thought I would regret it. I’ve honestly not really missed the Pro line. This regular 13 is a solid phone, with great battery life. It takes great pics. Must admit there’s a small difference in the quality, but not so much so that I feel like I NEED the Pro. I’m very pleased. I can’t say my next upgrade won’t be a pro, but I can say this phone hasn’t failed me at all! I love the color too! ☺️💕

  5. The prices aren’t big between the 128 gb models of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 it’s negligible only. I earlier had 7 plus (replaced with a new original iPhone battery by the authorised dealer) and the battery used to drain very fast and needed to recharge 2-3 times a day. After upgrading to iPhone 13 with the same usage pattern i used to do with my earlier iPhone 7 plus the Iphone 13 at the end of day battery percentage is around 35% to 40 % and needs charging once a day only. So overall happy with the battery life. The only disappointment is the 60hz display panel but i don’t notice the difference since i was using 60 hz panel too.

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