iPhone 13: A Photographer's Review

A detailed review of the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro cameras
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My wide-bokeh lens https://amzn.to/3voKoJW
BEST in studio mic https://amzn.to/2QRHqyh
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29 thoughts on “iPhone 13: A Photographer's Review”

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  2. Have you seen the issue when shooting a shadowed subject in a bright backlit background where the processing will try and brighten the dark subject and ends up breaking the image and leaves the subject looking like they have some form of vitiligo. It’s really frustrating especially when the photo pre-processing looks normal

  3. I’m still learning my 13. The photo features are amazing. I’m searching on a strictly portrait YouTube. I have managed to do some with the black background on portrait. But I’m lost this feature doesn’t work all the time. Help

  4. Thank you Tyler for another awesome review!! I have the 13 Pro Max and am confused a little about Portrait mode. Portrait mode has a HEIF format versus Photo mode having ProRaw. I have a question if may; I know that ProRaw is editable but, isn't HEIF just a hyped up jpeg which isn't editable? Thanks again and Happy New Year to you and yours!!👍😊

  5. Has there been any traction on getting apple to return the Smart HDR toggle? I just got the phone, and all of my selfies with both the front facing and rear facing cameras are auto processed to a result that's very sharp and much brighter. Most of my shots are taken indoors in lower light. I've been able to adjust the exposure beforehand and that kind of helps, but I still get somewhat of a painting effect on the photos. I did find a fix that's very inconvenient – taking a live photo, and rechoosing a different keyframe. For some reason, that doesn't apply the auto processing to the same degree (if at all?). I'd love for any video maker to take a look!

  6. Yeah speaking of white balance wish they’d go add manual iso and shutter speed as well taking photos of fireworks or explosions kinda sucks in the default app

  7. I have a XS max and im just gonna get this cause it’s time. But it is similar to the 12 im actually disappointed cause i held off last year cause i thought this year would be like wooooow a huge upgrade but no. Anyway i’ll just buy the 14 if it’s like a mega upgrade as it should be .

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