iphone 13 aesthetic unboxing (starlight 🌟) + cute accessories 📦

🌸 11-11-21

Hello friends!!! Today I unboxed the brand new iphone 13 from apple. I got the white one which they called starlight. I absolutely fell in love with it! I also unboxed some accessories and cases for this iphone. Thank you for being part of this unboxing! Love you all!

~ Aly 🤍

00:00 intro
00:17 unboxing iphone 13
01:56 setting up
04:24 unboxing adapter
05:05 unboxing iphone cases

🛒Links to all product mentioned
Iphone 13 cases: https://shopee.ph/sanyuankeji.ph?smtt=0.0.9

Song: Daystar- Sunday afternoon: https://youtu.be/5doa1Vf5RNQ
Chillpeach- Dango: https://youtu.be/4yiEbIeCOA4
BGM President- Garden in May: https://youtu.be/Q6yVJaEBd6M
Chillpeach- Cherish: https://youtu.be/U74563DtRHM
Demongummies- lazy office day with isabelle: https://youtu.be/wFNK6O-hUvQ

📽filming & editing
Iphone 11 at 4k 30 fps
Sony zv1
Final cut pro & vllo
thumbnail: Picsart & Phonto

📌 What’s on my desk/ tech accessories
desk makeover:

Macbook Pro 2020 silver
Logitech keyboard k380
Ipad Air 3 10.5” space grey
Apple pencil gen 1

📥 social media
Instagram: alysaadc
Business & email: [email protected]

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How old are you? Im twenty four
What do you study? Medicine
What year are you in? Fourth year
Where do you live? Philippines
What’s your nationality? Filipino

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39 thoughts on “iphone 13 aesthetic unboxing (starlight 🌟) + cute accessories 📦”

  1. The feeling of a new phone is probably amazing never got to experience it hopefully in 2022 I can get the iphone 13 or the up coming iphone 14

  2. I am choosing between sierra blue 13 pro and white regular 13. ITS SO HARDD! They are both so prettyyyyy! My friends say it might be a little obnoxious for a middle schooler to get the pro, but i dont knoww. I am probably going to not get a new phone for another 2-3 years. Any suggestions? What should i do?

  3. i have the 12 and i wanna get the 13 also but my mom said wait 'till next year (2022) if i pass my another exam so i can get a new one😟also im jealousy cs my sister have it lmao, im so ungrateful😔jkjk

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