iPhone 13 and 13 Mini review

The iPhone 13 starts at $829 (£779, AU$1,349) and the 13 Mini at $729 (£679, AU$1,199) and that’s the price for the base model with 128GB of storage. They have new cameras, a bigger battery, more storage, a brighter screen and Apple’s new A15 Bionic chip all for the price. Here’s our review.

Check out the iPhone 13 and 13 mini here 👇
iPhone 13 mini: https://bit.ly/3vEiD0J
iPhone 13: https://bit.ly/3b0ISoT
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26 thoughts on “iPhone 13 and 13 Mini review”

  1. QQQ::: Question. I'm finally going to give up on my Samsung S4.
    I want the iphone 13 mini, for the size and the camera.

    But, I don't know anything about iphones. Zip, nada, nothing. I have to learn it all from scratch. These will seem to be very dumb questions, please be kind. thanks.

    1. Can I plug in a dongle or something to get my photos from the iphone onto a microsd card, so I can move them all to my pc? I do NOT want to go thru any cloud.
    Once I move most of my photos and videos from iphone to sdcard to pc, can I delete them easily off the iphone, to make more room on the iphone for new pics/vids?
    2. Does the iphone have an email system that I can check all of my emails at once, from gmail/aol/yahoo/and my work system? Or do I have to log in to various email servers?
    3. How long will it take me to stop yelling at my new iphone…." Why is there no 'back button' on this thing , and no home button, wth ?!?" gaaaah.

    Thanks for answers to Q1 and Q2.
    Also, feel free to point me in the direction of an " iphone for dummies video " – I need one.

  2. Just got the iPhone 13 mini and I’m loving it so far. In fact, this is my first iPhone ever and I love how small it is. I have small hands so it’s perfect. Best of all, I can put it in my pocket and I hardly notice that it’s even there. Im also enjoying the iOS 15 platform compared to the Android.

  3. i LOVE the idea of smaller and lighter…. I have small hands and carry a small handbag… so I have been contemplating the MINI or opposed to the PRO, upgrading from my Xs. Leaning toward the MINI!! Thanks for the input.

  4. I’m just scared that the 13 will be so small in my hands I will be like “wtf” because my first iPhone was 7plus then the xsmax, all big phones..so I’m scared

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