iphone 13 Full review in Tamil (English Subtitle) || iphone 13 வாங்கலாமா?

Lets discuss about the iphone 13 user experience in this video in Tamil. In this video we talk about the iphone 13 major changes , iphone 13 battery life, iphone 13 colours, iphone 13 price in India, iphone 13 performance , iphone 13 camera, gaming review. All these aspects are reviewed here in tamil.
Also talked about the price difference between iphone 12 and iphone 13 and does it worth it in 2021.
This video also contains English Subtitle.
iphone 13 review with English Subtitle

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  1. Im using one plus 7.. thinking to shift to iphone for a change being an android user for 10 years…should I wait for iphone 13 price drop ? iPhone 12 is available at 62k in Amazon..but I'm a person who uses camera a lot ! Which one should I go for ?

  2. 80k naa spend pandrana evlo yrs worth ah irukkum bro, naa OnePlus 5 past 4.5yrs work pandra still nee brand condition and no issues, so indha level irukkum iphone

  3. Bro Nattu apple storela Poai battery diagnose panna bro noramal nu sonaga then software update pannaga bro apram App Store ponna “cannot connect to App Store nu varadu bro eanna bro pana

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