iPhone 13 Mini Finally Worth It

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Last year, we all agreed that the iPhone 12 mini wasn’t a great phone, but this year, Apple fixed all of the major problems with the iPhone 13 mini making it one of the best new iPhones you can get. Let me show you why you might want an iPhone 13 mini over the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max!

iPhone 13 Pro Max: Does Pro Matter? https://youtu.be/ClP8Gppf6KU
iPhone 13: Save Your Money? https://youtu.be/901nnDDEZN4

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32 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Mini Finally Worth It”

  1. I never expected to buy the 13 Mini. I was going to get the Pro Max in Sierra Blue, then changed my mind to Gold and then cancelled my order all together. My Wife has the 12 Mini and I sat tight with my old Android phone. When the 13 Mini came, I started watching loads of reviews and I was hooked on it. So I ordered Product Red with the clear Magsafe case and it's beautiful. The smaller size is a plus for me. I actually got fed up of large phones. I've owned 3 large Android phones and wanted my first Iphone. The Red 13 Mini is the one. When I look at the larger Iphones in shops, they actually look clumsily large in comparison. The only reason I would buy a Pro, is because of the Gold version. But…Red is darn nice, so it doesn't matter.

  2. I think the 6.1” 13 and 13 Pro are the perfect size. I have the smaller 13 Pro and I love it. I looked into getting the Max but it was so huge I could barely hold it in one hand. The small Pro is still kinda big but I can comfortably use it.

  3. Does anyone have any idea if the cinematic mode will improve through a software update or is it more through a hardware one ?

  4. The biggest challenge with the Mini is gonna be battery. Not now but 2-3 years down the line. Plus using this phone on 5G will be challenging for the battery.

    Also Mini users will have to be extra cautious with their charging habits if they want this to go the distance.

  5. Making a micro flagship phone is far more impressive than the anchor weight “pro series”. I tested both 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max for a week and even the Pro felt way heavier than my 11pro. 204+grams for the 13 Pro is too heavy for its size. 240+ grams is stupid heavy and not that impressive for what it does compared to its size on the 13 Pro Max. Put a case on the Pro Max and you might as well just carry a iPad mini. The Pro Max is now past the weight threshold that is should have tablet like battery life but now the screen seems too small for its weight.

  6. Carry two phones. Annual upgrade programs. Alway had Max so was no brainer and upgraded 12 Pro Max to 13 Pro Max. Returned 13 PM little larger that felt much larger and got 13 Pro and love my decision. Upgraded 12 for 13 Mini and after a couple weeks can’t believe how much I love the Mini. Feel now like I have two excellent phones. If had to choose and give one up would be a very hard choice as Mini is such a great phone all around and very easy to put in my front pocket where I always carry my phone. Thanks for the video.

  7. how do i activate the feature that tells you the name of the plant ( rose,, daisy ect) or type of pet ( cat or dog )? isn't it supposed to show up after you take a photo in the photo infomation ? it has no infomation accept my location………. i have to type the name in manualy

  8. I love using my 12 mini and I certainly do not have any battery issue maybe it's because I disabled app tracking and I didn't give permission to apps, most apps work flawlessly without permission. Don't compare it with your current ph anybody can use to after 2/3 days or a week

  9. My phone is my communication device, music player, YouTube machine, contact list, calendar, gps, and casual camera when I don’t want to lug around my DSLR. All other tasks are occasional and not the purpose of the device in my eyes. My 12 mini does this perfectly. If I want to have a large screen I’ll use an iPad. The larger phones do not interest me at all. Not interested in upgrading for a few years so I hope they don’t discontinue the mini.

  10. I bought the mini, it's great device, but coming from s21 Ultra, my eyes still can't get used to the tiny fonts everywhere, and if you use zoomed mode or larger font, quite less content is shown. Everything else is perfect, so light, yet so powerful, easy to type with one hand and to carry while doing some sports.

  11. I’ve been using bigger phones for years now. As soon as I saw this phone I immediately ordered it. Upgrading from an XR which I’ll be glad to leave behind. I’m so excited to get this phone! Goodbye to aching hands and fingers from heavy phones! Hello one handed texting and light-weight, practical phone😍

  12. Youtubers will recommend small phones like the mini because they dont have to use just that phone for 2 or 3 or more years. It's simply inconvenient as a long term phone. When youtubers get tired of it after a week, they can simply switch to a larger device just like that. This is why I think there is such a vocal minority calling for small phones but in reality hardly any of the larger population wants it

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