iPhone 13 Mini Long term review: Nothing comes close

iPhone 13 mini Long term review: Nothing comes close

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23 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Mini Long term review: Nothing comes close”

  1. You, brother speaks my mind, I am really liking my new iphone 13 but but that spam call, universal back gesture and notification panel and file manager is just killing the experience, Also the screen, I kinda stopped my late night movie schedule with this screen, it good but does not really have the wow factor, planning to go back trusty Samsung plus also to build a Apple eco system is too expensive for me when I already own a almost new Legion pro, Sony xm3 and Galaxy watch. iphone is good, the video king, awesome OS animations, unmatched haptic but not for me.

  2. Your comment about not getting hurt when using the Mini at night and accidentally dropping it on your face made me smile. Happened to me the other day with my 12 Pro Max. And it did hurt! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I love compact phones and so excited and bought iPhone 12 Mini as soon as released. But for videos and typing, this phone not that good. It's always Samsung S21 Ultra.

  4. As usual the way you explained was sufficient enough to convince me to get 13 mini.

    The sacrifices to be made still makes me to think to stick on to my android device.

    I personally wish to own an apple watch so getting an iphone is mandatory.
    Hence looking for an iphone…

    Looks like 13 mini would suffice it.

  5. 7:07 Longer screenshots of webpages are possible on iOS..after taking the screenshot, select โ€œFull Pageโ€ on top instead of โ€œScreenโ€..however it gets saved as a pdf..

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