iPhone 13 Mini Review | Two Months Later…

Reviewing Apple’s iPhone 13 Mini two months post-launch, including camera tests, gaming chops and more, to see if it’s the best compact smartphone as we hit 2022. Spoiler alert: as pretty much the ONLY compact phone, the iPhone 13 Mini basically wins by default.

While the Pixel 6, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 and other pro Android flagships are mostly 6-inches plus, Apple’s smaller sized handset is a refreshing change. The camera tech isn’t changed up much vs the iPhone 12 generation, while the Pro and Pro Max models boast better optics. However, the iPhone 13 Mini can still capture great looking photos and video if the conditions are okay.

Gamers can blast through Genshin Impact and other demanding App Store titles, no worries. That A15 chipset can handle it all. Just a shame this model tops off at 60Hz refresh, although the OLED screen is a stunner in most regards (obnoxious notch aside). I was also impressed by the iPhone 13 Mini’s battery life, which will happily keep you going all day long.

So that’s my thoughts, but what do you reckon?

iPhone 13 Mini Review Chapters:
0:00 – The boring start bit
1:17 – Design
2:19 – iOS 15
4:42 – Screen & audio
7:15 – Performance & gaming
8:01 – Battery life
8:46 – Camera
11:07 – Verdict

27 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Mini Review | Two Months Later…”

  1. I really think Apple never should have moved away from the 5.8inch screen for the base model, that was a near perfect compromise. I like my iPhone 11, but it's certainly rather big and difficult to fit in most pants pockets, especially activewear.

  2. The "notch" at the top of the screen. I'm with you there. As well as any phone with a "keypunch camera (selfie camera)" on the screen They had it on almost all phones before 2018. Then did away with them at least on the Samsung phones…I happened to be in the market for a new phone during the Black Friday week and got a great leal on a Note 9….no keypunch camera. And to this day I don't think there is any phone w/o a keypunch camera on the screen. Why are companies doing this??

    There are several camera technologies they could be using to keep the screen clear. The "under the screen camera (Note 9)" , the pop-up camera (…tht pops up from inside the top edge of the phone. hidden when not in use….it's not a difficult innovation to implement….Had Apple not still be using the notch…I'd consider trying the Max…as it is I'm in no hurry to upgrade my 2018 Note 9 I boutht in late November of that year.

    Phone innovations don't sound interesting these few years. Just more of the same (as last year). Still I think there's only one phone with a 4k screen…Sony's Xperia 1…dont know if that's been replaced yet…don't think t hat phone had a keypunch camera…

  3. If the new snapdragon 8 Gen 1 coming inside Samsung phones does not surpass a little dinkey iphone 13 mini in battery life, I'm making that switch the same way I stopped drinking sugary drinks for health reasons

  4. Just replaced my aging Note 9 with the iPhone 13 mini. The setup didn’t go as easily as everyone on YT said, requiring me to factory reset and install my apps one at a time. Alarm and ringtones seemed too quiet, however downloading a few from iTunes seems to have solved the issue, however it won’t work with sleep mode so I shut that down and set my own alarm. First day with it and I feel the battery will hold up fine with my usage. Seems solid!! IOS is smooth compared to my N9. I don’t watch that much content and the small screen is just fine for YouTube occasionally.

  5. I switched from an iPhone 13 Pro Max to the iPhone Mini. I gave the Pro Max to my wife but I have loved the mini in every way. I love it’s size and ease of use. The pocketability of the phone is amazing. I hope apple doesn’t axe the mini phone in years to come.

  6. I'll be sticking with my Poco X3 pro @ £250…thank-you !
    people are slowly waking up to the fact that apple's day's are over…the 'brand' are sinking as surely as the American empire….

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