iPhone 13 Pro Camera Review – shot on iPhone 13 Pro!

We shot this entire episode on the iPhone 13 Pro camera. See iPhone 13 Cinematic Mode sample footage, 4K video, and photos shot with the new iPhone 13 camera.

Check out some iPhone 13 Pro footage and photos in HDR:

Read our detailed look at the iPhone 13 photo/video capabilities:

0:00 – Intro
1:06 – ‘Wide’ lens
2:10 – ‘Ultrawide’ lens
2:42 – ‘Telephoto’ lens
3:35 – Portrait Mode
4:17 – Night Mode
4:45 – What is Cinematic Mode?
5:33 – Jordan’s thoughts on Cinematic Mode
6:08 – Cinematic Mode quality
7:54 – Cinematic Mode vs. 4K
9:22 – 4K Quality
10:01 – Low light video performance
10:46 – Image stabilization
11:23 – The wrap

Music provided by BeatSuite.com

Rental equipment provided by The Camera Store

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26 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Camera Review – shot on iPhone 13 Pro!”

  1. بعدني مقتنع بي الكاميرات الاحترافية اكثر من الايفون في التصوير
    لكن الهواتف عملية بسيطة سريعة

  2. I feel like the iPhone 12 Pro Max could’ve easily had cinematic mode considering that even the iPhone 13 mini has it which has the same sensor and is basically the same speed as the 12 pro max.

  3. My thoughts exactly but I won’t be as kind as you. Cinematic mode is a total novelty at this point but one day as you said will probably be perfected. I wish Apple would just make a DSLR version of the iPhone. I don’t care if it’s four times as thick. As long as I could still get it in my pocket.

  4. 7:15 naah it still looks like you have a cheap green screen behind you. It's pretty much impossible to fix the halo on subject edges when using artificial bokeh in video with current technology, especially with hair. The camera simply doesn't have that much depth information: since it's using a lower resolution Lidar sensor, which is also slightly offset from the main camera.

    So you would first need one Lidar sensor for each of the cameras with same or preferably larger resolution than the camera sensor, then add more GPU processing power to handle the data, and even then you would have the parallax issues since the sensor and the camera are offset, so for hair near the camera it would suck.

  5. Buy an SSD…..at least 1TB(I got the Samsung T7 touch – fingerprint security) and the lightning to USB 3 camera adapter(has to be a genuine Apple product or it won’t work) so you can export your videos to the SSD. I bought the Iphone 13 pro (256GB) and used ALL my storage space in less than 30 days!!!! Believe me…if you like making videos in 4K it’s going to eat your space in no time.

  6. the skin tones in cinematic mode sometimes look weird….contrasty (maybe the hdr is not working, or algorithms have less processing for skin colour). otherwsie they look much better than previous iphones in regular mode

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