iPhone 13 Pro cameras: Pro photographer reacts

The iPhone 13 Pro’s cameras have received an incremental boost, but is that enough to impress a pro photographer? Andrew Hoyle finds out.

See the iPhone 13 Pro and all of its details here 👉 https://tinyurl.com/j83v6raa
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27 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro cameras: Pro photographer reacts”

  1. I can't take this seriously from someone who wears glasses, who clearly has bad eyesight. This video quality is terrible too for something shot in 2021. The photographer is a nice guy and all, but I just can't believe people actually think this is acceptable from apple. Look at Huawei p50 pro photos and compare, you'll be blown away. Too bad they don't sell it around here.

  2. I'm a pro photographer and although my iPhone 13 pro is a great video, portrait, & low light camera, I was very disappointed in the over processed landscape images I've taken. Shadows and highlights terribly over baked. I had to shoot raw or tiff then edit to salvage them. I'm not that impressed with the default output.

  3. Buy an SSD…..at least 1TB(I got the Samsung T7 touch – fingerprint security) and the lightning to USB 3 camera adapter(has to be a genuine Apple product or it won’t work) so you can export your videos to the SSD. I bought the Iphone 13 pro (256GB) and used ALL my storage space in less than 30 days!!!! Believe me…if you like making videos in 4K it’s going to eat your space in no time.

  4. I got the white, silver iPhone 13 pro max 128gb and i love ittt!! anyone who is considering getting the 13 pro max, GET IT. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. i have an unboxing/test video on my channel! 🙂

  5. could you make a video on when and for what u should use what lens and for what type of photography styles u should use them also what settings u should have turned on and off depending on the style of photography

  6. Apple, where's: inscreen fingerprint scanner, notchless screen, S-Pen, multi-window, floating windows, real multi-tasking, Pro mode camera, 10x optical zoom, 240 hz screen sensivity, DEX-like solution where I can turn my iphone into a full fledge desktop computer, allways on display, file-manager, integration with Microsoft X-box, integration with Google Stadia, intergration with Windows computers, Foldable smartphones, support for multiple Social Media app support like 2 FB accounts or 3 what's app accounts, reverse wireless charging, super fast wired charging, fast wireless charging, super slow motion, USB-C to name a few.

    My Samsung flagship has all these fucntions. Samsung is years ahead of Apple.

  7. Cnet click bait : view of iPhone 13 pro from photographer

    Every Cnet worker that uses a camera : I think iPhone 13 bla bla bla

    Click baited viewer: bla bla bla crap

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