iPhone 13 Pro Full Review!

iPhone 13 Pro Full Review! Hello all and welcome to my Apple iPhone 13 Pro Full Review and in this video I will share with you my experience and thoughts on what the iPhone 13 Pro is all about. Apple iPhone 13 Pro is Apple’s all new 6.1″ pro phone and comes with an all new 6.1″ Super Retina XDR OLED 120HZ Promotion display, Apple A15 Bionic chip, 6GB of ram, Triple 12 MP camera with cinematic video and liDAR sensor, and iOS 15 to boot. This phone is now also available with up to 1TB of storage. The intentions of this video is to help you decide if this is going to be your next iPhone purchase. If you have the iPhone 13 Pro or plan on buying one, please consider sharing your experience down below in the comment section to help others out as well! As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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Video Chapters:
Introduction, Price: 0:00-1:45
Body and Design, Build: 1:46-3:52
Display Quality, 120HZ Promotion: 3:53-6:18
Software features and experience: 6:19-8:07
Performance and speed: 8:08-9:11
Battery Life performance: 9:12-10:35
Camera Features: 10:36-11:24
Camera and Video Samples: 11:25-15:14
Audio Quality: 15:15-15:43
Biometrics and Phone call quality: 15:44-16:33
Final Conclusion: 16:34-18:02
Thank you for watching!

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  1. iPhone 13 Pro Full Review! In this video we break down the smaller 13 Pro! Share your questions, thoughts, experience, comments below and enjoy the content 🙂

  2. Why can’t iPhone have an always on display a key keyboard with a number row 8k video recording no notch usbc charger better camera features like pro mode android has all that apple is way behind

  3. Apple usually does a 3 year rotation cycle, which means that they do a major design change every 3 years, that being said the current design has only been around now for 2 years, so I don’t think that the upcoming iPhone 14 will have a big design change since it will be the 3rd year of the design. I think iPhone 15 will have a large design change.

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  5. I went to the Verizon store yesterday to return my iPhone 13 Pro that I just got two days ago. I found that the touch screen wasn't very responsive and it was quite annoying.

  6. Is it just me or there isn't all that much to improve anymore? Maybe get rid of the notch completely, and somehow optimize it so the movies and videos use up 100% of display.

  7. Just got my 13 pro sierra blue 256gb today. Upgraded from a 12 pro. Immediately noticed the difference 120hz makes. I will never be able to go back to 60hz now. The camera is amazing as well. Keep up the videos.

  8. the photos and videos are just scattered, no macro shot and those new filter shots, the photos and videos are not labeled if they are captured by a wide or ultra wide and cinematic mode. not sure if the quality is bad or its just the camera is bad but base on the other youtubers the camera should be better

  9. I heard that the 120hz not work in all apps also it’s laggy on iPhone 13 Pro. Is it true ? Some are saying that 120hz on s21 is better than iPhone 13 Pro.

  10. I'm not very sure If I should get the 13 pro or pro max which one should i get and is the pro max worth the extra 100 dollars.

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