iPhone 13 Pro Hacked in 1 Second?? 🔥 என்ன ஆச்சு?

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Hacked in 1 Second by Chinese Hackers in a Security Conference. Sharing my thoughts about the incident and some Security Tips you should remember while using any Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops.

#iPhone13Pro #Hacked #Jailbreak

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21 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Hacked in 1 Second?? 🔥 என்ன ஆச்சு?”

  1. Ji, jail break na ennanu oru small gist kuduthurukkalam rather than asking to see a separate video for this cuz this entire video is about jail break but had to watch it without knowing what it is😊

  2. Hi sir am Chandru I saw ur iPhone videos afterwards only I got the interest and I bought iPhone SE on 1st Oct but with 20W charger
    Battery percentage am maintain 20 to 95 with low power mode always after a month from 100% it came to 99% may I know the mistake which I done

  3. I got the white iPhone 13 pro max 128gb. i have an unboxing video on my channel. I love it! If anyone been thinking about getting the max, GET IT! you'll love it.

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