iPhone 13 Pro – Let's Talk

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The 2021 Apple iPhone 13 Pro is a really excellent phone.

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36 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro – Let's Talk”

  1. Only thing I think it’s missing from personal experience is usage of the Oled panel by means of AOD. I’ve also never like apples live backgrounds, they should just be able to play by itself.

  2. Honestly I do like the phone and how great it is, but I’m still here using my iPhone XR that I bought 3 years ago and it’s still keeping up with the new iPhones today and still accept updates like iOS 15 which is crazy consider the iPhone XR came out like 4-5 years ago, but the iPhone 13 Pro, I’ll consider thinking of getting one soon in the future when my XR gives up on updates.

  3. Apart from the fact that I think that Apple should’ve also doubled the base storage of the pros to 256Gb as 128Gb is not “Pro” at all, I do agree…. These are quite perfect..

  4. first i want to say how much i despise fanboys of a device that is completely closed off to open source apps that being said to talk up a phone that just came out that is exactly the same as the iphone 12 the iphone has literally barely any changes so i am sorry apple sucks i will never buy another apple device again samsung hit the mark with their new fold phones and the specs are much more powerfull than the iphone line.

  5. Watching on my 13 pro 😂 first time with a smaller phone and i'm loving it. Had an 11 pro max tried to go back to Samsung recently but i just couldn't so i returned it and got this 🙂 going pro max was usually for the best phone with the best specs now the pro is basically the same as the pro max minus size and battery.

  6. Why my 13 pro max front camera takes out my pictures dark ??? It’s annoying before you take the picture out it looks perfect but when you presss the button the picture for some reason just turns out dark any help 😭😭 I feel to mash my phone up

  7. I always get spigen cases. For not much money you get an insanely good case. I’ve dropped my phone dozens of times with a spigen case over the years and the phone comes without a scratch.

  8. Right, first time I came across your content, and I must say: Wow! Excellent! You guys rock. The script is well balanced, pointing out the relevant features. I suppose there are great Android phones out there, but I just cannot go back. My iPhone 13 Pro Max 256 GB is ordered. I probably start taking more photos and videos. My current iPhone 12 does some really good shots, so I am looking forward to what the upgrade is capable of. Thanks for the entertaining video.

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