iPhone 13 Pro Max का 5 महीने बाद Review | Android to IPhone shift करने का Experience

First time iPhone user Experience
iPhone Review by Android user
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DISCLAIMER: The views presented in the video are personal. I neither intend to blame anyone nor does anyone need to agree with this. Video doesn’t intend to hurt anyone’s religious or other sentiments. Use your intelligence while watching the video.

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29 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Max का 5 महीने बाद Review | Android to IPhone shift करने का Experience”

  1. मैं पिछले 4 साल 6 महीनों से सैमसंग
    S8 PLUS प्रयोग कर रहा हूँ आज भी नए जैसा ह 👌

  2. जब IPHONE 5S आया था,तब मैंने खरीदा था,आज तक घर के एक कोने में पड़ा ह BC कुछ काम का ही नही ह,नोकिया 1100 उससे कहीं बेहतर था,IPHONE उस मन्दबुद्धि ओर निक्कमे लड़के की तरह ह जो कुछ कामधाम करता नहीं ह ओर उसके घर वाले दूसरों के सामने बोलते हैं आज तक कभी गलत काम नही किया हमारे लाडले ने,आज तक न किसी से झगड़ा करके आया है न किसी से छेड़छाड़ करकर आया ह 🤭,ओर तो ओर खाना भी हमसे पूछ कर खाता ह,एक भी काम हमसे पूछे बिना नही करता,हम तो बहुत ही सिक्योर हैं इसकी तरफ से 😅अबे सालों ये क्यों नही कहते ससुरा किसी काम का ही नही है खुद से सोचकर कुछ कर ही नही सकता 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ये ह IPHONE

  3. Sir mera Motorola ka 10k ka smartphone hai, itna smooth ui aur multitasking hai ki aapko ek bar Motorola bhi checkout karna chahiye

  4. You should have invested in a good laptop and camera rather than some stupid phones. Your job is to make and upload videos. Why not take put in some effort to use a computer properly? Aapka 4k video quality 240p ka lagta hai. Itna bura. I feel so bad for you really seeing you repent for making such stupid decisions.

  5. I am totally disagree with this person. I was android user since 2011 and in July 2022, I bought new IPhone 12 and it’s really awesome 😎 I was used to it within a week or two. And everything is lot better than that shit android phone. Build quality, software stability, battery, display, looks etc iPhone has ticked all boxes. There is no any android phone in the market which is perfect. Every android have some issues but that’s not the case with iPhone. In 2021 iPhone sales has doubled than 2020 in india 🇮🇳 so people are not fool that they are buying iPhone. So iPhone is theeee bestttt phone. Coming back to your review, I have watched complete video, your major problem is with content creation and uploading. So iPhone is not made for content creation and editing its phone. You can shoot videos with it and afterwards you should use mac for editing and uploading. Apple has produced separate product for content creators. Many YouTubers are using mac book for there YouTube work. In fact many YouTubers are having dream to buy mac. I am not YouTubers but watching many videos I realised this. I did a lot of research on iPhone. Coming to your second problem about back button, iPhone comes with gestures so there is no back button you can go back by clicking upper left corner in almost every app. Pratik bhau tumhi jar content Sathi apple ghetla asel tar tumhala mac book pan ghayava lagel karan phone ha phone mhanun use karayla asto Na ki content editing ani upload sathi asa Apple cha mhanana aahe. Mac book has some spl apps for editing. Eventually I can say that apple is best that’s why they’re market leaders. Now iPhone is becoming popular in india too. It’s very durable than any other Android even Samsung is not up to the mark. And about one plus it’s a Chinese brand and they are also copying iPhone in some features like gesture and silent button 😂😄 finally I am not agree with Pratik borade….

  6. Kuch bhi mat bata bhai chalana ni aata to pahle jaake sikh aata jata kuch ni or gyan pelne chale aao youtube pe sharm ko views ke liye kya kya krte hai

  7. First of all Apple products and especially iPhones are extremely heavily charged in India as compared to other countries. Don't know what pleasure does these Apple people get in looting a country and people who are already poor and struggling to make ends meet…

    Second of all, Apple and it's products are just marketing gimmicks. They from the very beginning of their existence have became very successful in tricking and fooling their clients and customers into thinking it's something of Unique and One of a kind thing, a "Brand" so to say, which is the reason for their becoming extremely successful.
    And they have invested in China almost half a Trillion dollar just because there market is huge and consumers are too many even in the midst of COVID pandemic which was created by China itself….

    Third it is just a "Status game" thing. Just to look rich, people buy iPhones which I guess Apple also wanted and are successful in tricking people into believing that way….

  8. I moved to Canada and bought the 13 pro and guess what …we can't transfer the wattsapp chat wtf …now I have to carry my 2 phones everyday …and when it comes to the gestures then apple should introduce the gestures same as Android …i only bought this phone just becuz it has good camera and video otherwise I find no reason to buy this phone

  9. Apko kasam todni nahi chahiye thi ki apple free mai bhi buy nahi karunga ap kisi different planet se ho kya?apko samsung se problem hai or apple se bhi ap ek kaam karo window phone lo koi purana apko suit karega,,,ya khud ke liye custom karvao koi alag se dekho kya pata kuch mil he jaye,,,,aisi kya reqirment hai apki chalo ios apko pasand nahi aya us se pehle samsung pasand nahi aya,,,,ap bolte ho mai fuss gaya apple phone kharidkar koi plott thode na kharid liya ye to bik jayega 10 ya 15k down mai problem kya hai 😉 ya views ke liye content chahiye abhi koi likes ni mil rahe to muft ka gyan pel rahe ho

  10. Bhai ye kuch jyada he ho gya , 1 mnth hua h dad ko iphone 12 gift kiye or unhone hmesha android phones use kiye h
    Unka kehna h k ios android se kaafi easy or simple h use krne m
    Or smooth bhi khen jyada
    Pta nhi apko itna difficult kaise lg raha h back jaane k liye vo bhi
    Bcha bhi maximum 1mnth use kr lega ios to usey ekdm smoothly chla lega
    Aap prsnl frustration nikal rahe bs qki apko starting se nhi psnd or kuch log hote h jo ek baar mnn m betha lete h k ye bekar h to vo hmesha bekar he lgta unko fr chahe vo kitna he bdia q na ho 😅

  11. Bhai sahab har bande ki apni alag prioriti hoti hai ek mobile buy karne se pehle,,,perfect koi bhi phone hota nahi hai but apki requirement pixel 6 pro se shayad puri ho sakti hai,,,mai khud ek I phone or ek samsung s10plus use kar raha hun…..or I phone 11 se 13 pro pe shift ho raha but apko pixel try kar lena chahiye

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