iPhone 13 Pro Max | Cinematic Mode & New Cameras worth the Upgrade?

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25 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Max | Cinematic Mode & New Cameras worth the Upgrade?”

  1. Once you stop your recording, can you start recording from the same place you stopped recording on an iPhone 13 promax ? Or do I need to buy a professional video camera to do that?

  2. Thanks for the review!

    I’m excited to say I picked up an EOS R5 and a iPhone 13 pro max. Prices raised lol upgrading from a GH5 🎉

    Still have it tho because I love that damn camera!

  3. The blur is really only noticeable by people that know to look for it. The average person/viewer wont notice it or be distracted by it.
    Im an actor/writer by trade, and didnt notice any issue until it was pointed out.
    I do notice bad acting when I see it, bad script, bad directing, but typically not bad camera work. its Not my wheel house; YET(thats why Im here).

  4. Really get sick of those mobile firms speak out their tiny bit improvement kind of a big step forward, l guess they already know it will sell to a lot of people even before they check out for the real difference.

  5. I'm commenting months after this video posted BUT I think only video or photography experts would ever catch the cinematic mode ghosting/mask issues – the normal viewer would be totally unaware in my opinion. Might be interesting to test that assumption

  6. I would NEVER use Cinematic Mode for a filmmaking shoot, especially since it's only record in 30 fps. But I would definitely use the iPhone 13 Pro Max to shoot an indie film, and probably will very soon. Why? It shoot in 4K ProRes format, and in 24 fps, which is enough. As for low-light shooting, this does a great job for a smartphone but I would still use a DSLR camera with better low-light sensor and also a camera with a 50mm lens or higher for that bokeh effect with the blurry background.

  7. Found an awesome trick for filming selfies with the back camera. Haven't tried it yet but if you have an apple watch, strap that to the phone facing backward and turn on the remote camera function on the watch. It'll act as a mini screen so you can kind of get an idea of what you're filming.

  8. I got an iPhone 13 Pro Max with 128gb of storage. How long I can record a video in
    4K at 24fps ? Why is Pro Res. only available in 1080p at 30fps ? Is shooting a video in Pro Res better than 4K ?

  9. I wonder if those "lytro" cameras 10 years ago were actually doing the same thing cinematic mode does? Their image quality was never good either

  10. So it is obvious… if sony (or any other manufacturers) won't come up -and fast – with a small easy to carry pocket camera (maybe a new rx100 mark8) with in body stabilization (not fake-digital–crop-gotopc-to-use-other-program-gyro-data-shit-stabilization) with wide to tele lens (maybe a mix lens of zv1 & rx100vii) and good auto focus… then cameras will fall and die (like mp3 players did.). Netflix now produce movies with Iphone13. Sorry for my notsogood english.. but i believe you get the point.

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