iPhone 13 Pro Max is the Best Phone!

iPhone 13 Pro Max is the best phone – Hello all and welcome to this video review of why Apple iPhone 13 Pro max is the best phone on the market. In this video I explain to you why I came to this conclusion after using this phone since launch day and really analyzing all of it’s traits, features, and how it performs in the real world. If you have the iPhone 13 Pro Max, please consider sharing your experience with the community down below in the comment section of this video! As always, thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace.

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36 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Max is the Best Phone!”

  1. I looked at pro max 13 and s21 ultra today at best buy. They are both beyond incredible and I'll go insane trying to figure out which one to get. Not cheap either one

  2. Started my day at 6am the other day with 50% battery and by the end of that day which was 11:30pm I was at 13% with heavy usage I’m in literal shock

  3. Heavily agree with this entire video. These are my Top 2, with the iPhone edging it because of Camera, Battery and Eco System. Also, the apps work better with it. Great channel all this year.

  4. I want the Pro Max for the battery but the size of the phone is a turn off. I miss when the Max was 6.5 compared to 6.7. That .2 really makes a difference, it’s just about too big 🙈

  5. Americans really have no choice. It's either Samsung or iPhone. I feel sorry for them. There's so many other brands like Xiaomi , Oppo etc that have much nicer builds than iphones.

  6. I’m on my XR and still great. I’ll switch to new a iPhone if the the logo 🍎 at the back has a light when you’re using it 😁. Come on iPhone make it happen can’t wait 😜😍👍!!

  7. No lie this phone is one of the best devices I’ve ever owned hands down. The battery life blows my mind on the daily and the entire experience definitely feels polished and premium for sure!

  8. I have one of these phones. I got it for Christmas. Not sure whether to keep it or send it back. It's just so crazy expensive. I got it as a gift from my wife. The phone I have works OK, Not sure I need to upgrade to something like this.

  9. I'm a week in coming from a Note which I completely love. My battery didn't start to shine until the 3rd day. For some reason out of the box I was not getting nowhere near the hype. Now I have it. Right now I have 5 hours screen time and 68% left. I really like the customization of Android honestly but I'm deep into the Apple ecosystem. So far it's a very solid phone.

  10. As someone who upgraded from an older iPhone, something I thought was a major gimmick has turned out to be one of my favorite new features. That’s MagSafe, I really only have one use case and that’s a car mount but just that makes it worth it. Being able to just place my phone on the mount without having to worry about clamps, springs etc is a game changer and feels so futuristic. Even if that’s the only use case it’s a massive one since it’s so convenient.

  11. Nick Nicely Done I think they are both Beasts. I’m a fan of many devices but have to say everything you mentioned is spot on.Hope you and Family have a Wonderful Holiday Stay Safe.Deb ✌️

  12. you feel that iphon13 pro max is the best phone, But in reality the design is outdated and being used in all newer iPhones since iPhone X, newer iPhones are not repairable like the older models, also with every newer generation iphones are getting heavier and thicker, apple used to lead the market in design and features, but now apple is following and copying other phones.watching videos on a screen with notch is annoying, without zoom mode I still see videos playing in the same aspect ratio as iPhone 6.

  13. Em muitos comparativos o S21 Ultra se saiu melhor que o 13 Pro Max em multitarefas, câmeras, e principalmente em tela, ainda mais que a Samsung tá fazendo um bom trabalho na One Ui, porém o Ios ainda leva. O Iphone realmente ganha em bateria, mas nos outros requisitos ele não fica muito a frente não.

  14. I don't know why people are wishing for the finger print instead of the face id. Face I'd Is the best and if it is taking our it will make the phone boring. Because of the face I'd that is why there is a notch

  15. I'm officially switching to Apple when they release the iPhone 14. I don't like the designs of the newer galaxies and they removed everything that made it different and better than the iPhone. Things like the headphone jack and SD expansion. I'm currently on the s10+ plus and have been for 2 years now. I'll be happy going another year with my 10. Goodbye Crapsung and your fruity bts ads 🤮🤮

  16. Sorry Nickz can't be the best display with that giant notch and I can't customize my phone to be me so it's the best phone for most people but not the best phone for me. Android always!!!

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