iPhone 13 Pro Max Review After a Month!

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Hey everyone, in this video, we have stated about our experience with the iPhone 13 Pro Max after using it for about a month. Find out more in this video 🙂

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22 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Max Review After a Month!”

  1. And they say console level graphics.. no genshin impact crushes the iPhone to its limits.. and the game is not even with its full set of graphics in mobile world.. my 4 year old rx 570, plays genshin impact on highest settings and easily maintains 120 refresh rate even though my monitor supports 165hz..And rx 570 is ps4 pro level card.. so imagine ps5.. what a joke

  2. Got my new iphone 13 pro max what recommend percentage to charge a phone they say 40-80 for battery life capacity and also can I use my old 5w brick? Thank you Hope you answer my question.

  3. No difference felt while switching from 11 oro max to 13 Pro max?? Are your friends crazy? Common!! Even the key pad response is way better in 12 pro n 13 Pro max than 11 Pro max😆

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