iPhone 13 Pro Max Review | One Month Later…

Reviewing Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max one month after launch, to see if iOS 15 has improved, if the camera compares well vs the Pixel 6 and Android rivals, and how the everyday experience holds up.

Thanks to Vodafone for sending in the iPhone sample, you can grab the Pro Max from £62 a month, with £49 up front:

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is one of the biggest and most expensive smartphones of 2021, but not the best. It’s fantastic for battery life and performance while the camera results are as good as most phone rivals. However, Apple’s software is still buggy one month on, while flaws like the hefty design, massive notch, dodgy sensitivity and lack of headphone jack/microSD support are downers.

Considering the extreme price of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, this is a tough phone to recommend unless you’re an Apple die-hard after the best battery life. For others, I’d recommend the excellent Pixel 6 which also boasts great longevity, a solid camera and impressive privacy tools.

Check out my unboxing with other best phones of 2021, and if you’ve been using this Apple blower, let us know your own review in the comments!

iPhone 13 Pro Max Review Chapters:
0:00 – How much??
0:47 – Design
3:10 – Features & iOS 15
6:03 – Screen & audio
8:25 – Performance & gaming
8:53 – Battery life
9:33 – Camera
11:45 – Verdict

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  1. You can reduce the brightness significantly and set it up for the double rear tap. General – accessibility – Zoom – change zoom filter to – low light. Then set the double tap to – zoom function.
    Result in a dark room is good, double tap, then adjust screen brightness to suit. Then double tap to cancel it to normal brightness. Only thing to be wary of is zooming into the screen with a triple tap, if you do that, just a three finger double tap cancels it.

  2. I realise you don't like the look, but It's actually the old design that has me seriously looking at this model. This is coming from someone who has never purchased an iPhone. 😀

  3. Great review chap. Honesty is always the best policy. I think despite apple not making huge strides with design changes some of the main reasons people buy iPhones are A: resale value. They always hold their value much better than Android smartphones. And B: Software support and updates. I believe typically they support devices for around 4-5 years.

  4. Ive been an Android user for my whole life and I’m coming from a OnePlus 7 pro, decided to go for the 13 pro max, and I have to say, there are really three things which I’m impressed with, battery life it’s freaking amazing, camera is top notch and performance is just incredible. These three things for me makes everything worth it. I haven’t had any issues or bugs with iOS 15.2 and I have just experienced that lack of touch sensitivity in small icons, but that is not always and is not that dramatic. Overall, I’m really happy with the purchase and I believe apple has now fixed the main issues for what I would never considered buy an iPhone before.

  5. I haven't bought an iPhone since the 4. Simply it has been behind Android innovations. However,I was tempted to go back but the price and that notch were just major no for me. I also didn't like the software has changed much since I had the iPhone 4.

  6. With the alternatives being just as expensive (eg all the Ultra phones) I don't think the price is a major issue especially as most people would get it on contract. Having used both iPhones and android long term I do have an appreciation of both but really think when it comes down to it the iPhone is the best phone with media features and Androids are the best media devices with phone features.

  7. I've never been an iPhone fan, but this looks like an outstanding device.
    But I'll stick with my ROG 5.
    Just one thing though..
    These manufacturers really need to stop interrupting the screen with notches, camera holes, and too large of bezels.
    Just a waste of screen immersion in my opinion.

  8. Cheers for the review. I'm currently running the Note 10+ and I'm considering going back to that iPhone after several years of Android freedom. Mainly because I want the Apple watch. I've had a coupe of TicWatch's and tried a coupe of Samsung watches. I like WearOS on the TicWatch but it's a bit too utilitarian. I like the rotating bezel on the galaxy watch but there's no Google assistant on the new one and no signs of it arriving any time soon. Been in to the Apple shop and the Apple watch looks great and works really well. Unless someone can convince me of a better WearOS watch??

  9. I would like to have one for my son struggling with his iPhone 6 16 GB Silver that has already caused him alot of problems in the past, any color may do and whatever memory variant, my son is not a picky one as well. Thank you so much for your kind heart.

  10. I hate when people say oh the iPhone is to expensive. That’s why you get it on a 2 year contract and you don’t have to pay anything up front and just have to pay a fee of around 100$ per month. If you can’t afford that than you shouldn’t even be taking about smartphones and stick to using a flip phone. Or better yet go buy a really nice midrange phone such as a Motorola.

  11. Build quality is good, also security, tough.. ceramic shenanigan😄 but poor of customization, themes, always on display, in display finger print, floating widget, transition, side bar, split screen. What a boring overpriced phone! The same looks everytime. Boorriinngg.

  12. Just bought the iPhone 13 Pro Max moved from a Samsung A52s and this thing is huge weighs an absolute shit tonne thinking of returning it as it’s incredibly uncomfortable to use.

  13. There’s an option under accessibility-zoom in the settings that allows you to dim the phone much more. I’ve been using it for years. Great vid!

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